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  • Flute panning

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    I'm having an issue where the flute is panning towards the end in this piece...

    I've checked, double-checked and checked again if there are any automation doing it, but I can't see any.

    Have a listen and give feedback if you know what can cause this kind of behaviour.


    Also - are there any tips on making the solo instruments or small ensembles sound realistic?

    The flute melody is supposed to be Alto Flute, but I couldn't get it to sound right, so here I'm using an ordinary flute.

    I'm trying to use Vel-X-fade, expression, different articulations (allthough I'm having a hard time to make them sound "as one" so the melodic lines doesn't sound like different instruments playing different tones)... Anything else I should try, or is it just tweaking around? 😊

    Thanks, Lars

  • problems to get your flute panned to the center? hey, welcome to the club! that's perfectly normal. alto or soprano, doesn't matter! just use your ordinary flute - no automatisation, it'll work. two flutes at the same time .. a little more advanced. maybe someone else knows  ... (I shouldn't be posting here drunk).

    your welcome!

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    @fritzflotow said:

    (I shouldn't be posting here drunk).

    Neither should I, but unless VSL introduce online breath testing......... [B] 

    Lars, regarding the panning, do you notice any drift when you play the flute line live?  I've noticed sometimes when using different velocity levels in an instrument,  the perception can be that the pan alters slightly especially when using reverb.


  • Well, sorry for my intermezzo. No harm intended! : )

    With solo instruments - especially very dry and forward like in your case - velocity crossfades cause phasing problems. This ist what strikes me first hearing your example. Try Expression and Attack instead (I know, that is a waste of resources, but sometimes works better : )

    Also your music could use more room and air. You could also diminish the problem of  instruments moving in the room by a power panner (VS, Waves Stereo panner, cubase, ...). Just reduce the stereo image a little. In combination with reverb eq might be useful, too. (That's what Colin probably refers to).


    Fritz. [B]

  • Thanks for the reply!

    I'm not using Vel. X-fades at that particular time, so that can't be it... I'm still trying, but I can't get rid of it...

    Maybe I just have to live with the fact that it pans...

    Thanks for the tip about narrowing in the stereo-field a bit btw - it worked pretty good! :)