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  • Is there a patch for the articulations of the Bösendorfer Piano?

    Has anyone written patches for the different attacks of a piano and would like to distribute it here? I have just bought the product and must say that I was hoping to get such a patch with the DVDs, but unfortunately it does not include all the different ways of playing the piano. It would be great if someone has already worked it out and would like to share the work.

  • Okay, to make it clear and simple. I am looking for an explanation of how to combine the different patches in order to create the possible articulations of a piano. These are: Staccato, Staccatissimo, Tenuto, Legato, Portato and so on. I am really not good in programming software-instruments and I would really like to start as soon as possible to compose. I can not understand why they send it out without presets for the usual articulations of a piano. Please help me, I can't find anything about it anywhere. Thanks a lot

  • Hi Andi

    I don't imagine that you'd find a legato sample for a piano somehow. It's a technique purely down to the way you play.


  • Thanks for your replay. I don't play. I write. That is why I need presets to imitate the different attacks of a piano. E. g. staccato is set to a shorter release time than legato. There must be some people who use this tool the same way. Maybe it sounds a little static like this, but it would enable me to use it the way I want. So, if anyone does work with it like me, I would appreciate your help.

  • Hello, Andi.

    I'm wondering if what you need is one of the good Notation programs, like Finale or Sibelius.  I mostly use Finale, but I think they are both very good at using many articulations for all instruments.

    I teach a beginning composition class at a local college, which has Finale 2008 at all the workstations (24), and we were actually trying out several articulations, attacks, releases, sustains, crescendos, pedal markings, and so on.  Even the turns, mordents, and all were working well with a Garritan Steinway piano.  We can't afford to have the VSL Bosendorfer for even one computer, but I can't help thinking that this may be the easiest way to get some nice piano articulations going.

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    @Andi.x said:

    That is why I need presets to imitate the different attacks of a piano.

    You don't need presets - you need to tell your sequencer/notation program what you want. This program will then tell the VSL Bosendorfer what note to play and for how long, how hard etc.


  • Hey Martin, I know how it works. I am telling my notation software (Logic) how to play a certain tone. But I need to combine and adjust the patches in order to play staccato (with a shorter release time), staccatissimo (with an even shorter release time), sforzato (with maybe a lower attack time) and so on. This takes a lot of time and if someone has already done this, it would be great if he/she would post their combination of patches/attack, release time for the different types of articulations there are: staccato, staccatissimo, tenuto, sforzato, portato, sforzato-staccato and legato. Andi

  • And I know that the title of this conversation is wrong, I am of course not looking for a patch, but for someone who has combined patches and set the attack/release time and would like to tell me about it.

  • The Logic notation feature won't do the articulations you are looking for, at least not in any way I know about.  I have the Logic notation as one of my screen views, but that's just for simpler things, like moving pitches, and some other things, but I can't see it working the way you want.  I think you'll find Finale or Sibelius the way to go, especially since you don't play your music in, but prefer to get the articulations you desire in another way.  You can do a lot with these notation programs!

    I hope you find your answer.

  • Hi Andi,

    I was just trying to say that you don't need to make changes to the attack/release sliders - that's why VSL don't include the articulations you describe. If you want staccato then make the midi note short and so on - it's all controlled from the sequencer end. If you're inputting the notes as notation then as the other posters have said you'll get better results from something like Sibelius or Finale rather than Logic.



  • Hey, thanks to everyone for answering. I think the best solution is changing the midi notes like Martin wrote. At the moment I can't afford Sibelius or Finale and it is nice to have one program for everything, because I can combine it with Computermusic. What is so different about the other notation programs? I can write and by that play every articulation with Logic too (with the help of the Combo Remapper, you can get it for 5 pounds). Do I really need Finale? Christian

  • You got to excuse my bad English, I am not a native speaker. I hope you understand what I was trying to express.

  • Combo remapper will work and make it similar to notation programs.  You just have to take the time to setup the entire environment in Logic.  But it is worth it I think.