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  • Velocity Xfade and Expression

    Is there any difference between automating one and the other?

  • Depends, what are you using DAW, Sibelius, Stand Alone ... 

    When using VI in Sibelius dynamics can be modified with either Expression or Velocity Xfade.

    The topic is covered in depth under "A different approach to dynamics" in the 'Optimizing Sibelius Playback with Vienna Ensemble' PDF.

  • There is a difference between the 2 parameters. Expression is basically another volume controller. Velocity Xfade actually allows the timbre of the sound to change. For example;

    Set your expression low, play a french horn sus note at a low velocity, then turn up expression whilst holding the note. The timbre of the note doesn't change, just the volume. Repeat this with velocity xfade and you'll hear the difference.