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  • where can I get a demo version from?

    I am very sorry if I am just looking in the wrong place but I am looking or a working demo version of some of the string libraries. I compose my music using a macbook pro with 8gb ram and logic express. currently I use reason for all my strings but i want something that I can make sound more "real" I love all the audio demos and know they are exactly the sounds and feel i want. the problem is is that i would not normally spend the amount of a few hundred pounds on software before trying it out. I would not like to be in a possition of being left with software that I cannot use (because its too complicated) or that doenst work with my curent set up. I have searche deverywhere for a working 30 day tiral software version on here but cant find one. please, if there is such a thing< ould someone point me in the right direction. i am afraid that looking on htese forums it all looks quite complicated and that i dont realy know what to get?? i am loving the sounds on the special edition strings so i take it i will need this plus a key plus - what software do i get to control this through logic express...?? believe me i have studied the website but i find it a bit huge and cant really find what i am looking for. thanks for any help... joe ould="" someone="" point="" me="" in="" the="" right="" direction.="" i="" am="" afraid="" that="" looking="" on="" htese="" forums="" it="" all="" looks="" quite="" complicated="" and="" that="" i="" dont="" realy="" know="" what="" to="" get??="" i="" am="" loving="" the="" sounds="" on="" the="" special="" edition="" strings="" so="" i="" take="" it="" i="" will="" need="" this="" plus="" a="" key="" plus="" -="" what="" software="" do="" i="" get="" to="" control="" this="" through="" logic="" express...??="" believe="" me="" i="" have="" studied="" the="" website="" but="" i="" find="" it="" a="" bit="" huge="" and="" cant="" really="" find="" what="" i="" am="" looking="" for.="" thanks="" for="" any="" help...="">

  •  welcome joe, unfortunately we don't offer demo versions for Vienna Instruments Libraries ...


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Do I get any refund or a swapping ability if I pay out £300+ and it is no good for my needs?

  • Hey Joe

    If you like the sound of the demos then I don't think you'll be disappointed once you get your hands on the real thing. Also, once you've learnt a few basic principles, you shouldn't find the software  complicated. HTH