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  • VI programs compatible with VISTA home PC???

    Friends, I just purchased a new PC Intel Quad CPU 2.66 Ghz  running VISTA Service Pack 1.   Every-time I try and load Vienna Ensemble or the VI program it crashes.   If I load one sound and then try to add another instrument, the program shuts down!!!!   This computer is gong to be used for music only.. In stand alone mode...  It seems like the VI programs are not compatible with vista. I did shut down the UAC. Should I also disable the fire wall?  Any help  with greatly be appreciated.

    Question 2:  Which is better, USB or Firewire card for connecting fire wire drives with Vienna samples hard drives.  Does it matter?


  • usually no problems with vista (any version) - UAC is a little bit annoying during installing libraries, but not a show stopper, firewall (the built in one) only relevant if VE3 is used.

    i'd rather suspect audio device drivers - what model? ... VI / VE latest versions?

    Q2: my recommendation would be firewire (as long as your audio device is not firewire and its drivers trouble you)


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • I'm using Frontier "'Dakota" and Montana cards. Using the ADAT output digitally going directly into my Digidesign unit. The buffer size is 512 samples. Samples rate is 48kHz.  I made sure that their drivers are current.  The cards work with East West products in stand alone.  I do get sound and the cards work until the program shuts down.

    Both VI and VE work well on my MAC intel.  Vi used to work on my old Windows system.  

    Christian...  what about the compatibility mode? what if I checked "run for windows xp"  of course you said that VI and VE run well under VISTA. Could it be the computer?/ This computer was purchased from Sweetweter Sound in U.S.A. Made and tweaked for music production!!    Currently VI and or VE shut down when you try to load sounds.    Can't figure this one out. I really thought it was a VISTA THING because it crashes  every time you load the program!


  • hmm, i wouldn't set VI/VE to compatibility mode - both run fine even under W7 ...

    an idea: how many ADAT do you have, better: how many out channels in total? there is a known issue with the ASIO matrix which we might be able to fix ...


    another possible reason could be the old *gigastudio registry tweaks* which VI doesn't like ... if they had been applied ... but they have been originally just for W2000 and XP


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Hi Christian... thanks for helping me.....

    I'm running real simple.... Just one ADAT 'pipe' in and one out.. into my Didi interface.  There are many channels available on the card. I'm on 1&2.  I then have a master word clock unit connected to the (Montana card) that keeps the card and digi clocked together. Both cards are connected to each other via a ribbon connector.    I downloaded their drivers VISTA READY!! These cards worked perfectly in my old PC using VI and work fine with other programs  ie East West......

    This crash is really bad.  I double click on VE and after it scans my licenses, I receive a box that says it's closing down.  I also tried it with VI, same thing.  Nothing else is up when I load VE.  Now, when it lets me, I am able to configure the card. I choose ASIO 24. My card responds and locks to 48Khz  from the word clock.  Sometimes I can load a sound and even play it in VE.. Then if I add an instrument in VE....... BANG I get the spinning ring and it closes down. I do have "MIDI YOKE" installed because I use Symphonic Choirs. I need that to link Word builder with East West programs.   Could that cause this????.   Could that possibly be the problem???? My PC is still working but VE app. will not load. Once I got a BAD crash that shut the PC down.  Now East West programs do work without a crash.   Because the crash is only with VE/VI, am I missing something?? 

    Now I'm not sure  about the tweaks.... I have a list of things Sweetwater did do for VISTA. The Vienna samples reside on 2 (400) fire wire drives. Both are connected to a card that is connected to the PC. Both are seen by VE when its up. The "key" is recognized with no problem.  This is really difficult because, as I said before, VE works and is stable on my MAC.  It's got to be something in the Vista operating system for VE NOT to respond.  When I click after the program shut down , It will not load again unless I reboot. 

    Sorry about the long post........


  • Christian, I was looking at other posts and someone had a similar problem. Every time he tried to load VE it crashed.  Something about the ASIO drivers.... How can I test this?? 

  • i'm forwarding this issue to the developers, but i would need to know how many channels your have available (in total, IN/OUT, not just the used ones) in your setup to decide about a possible source of your problem ...


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Christian, here are the links to the cards that are in my computer and that I am using for VE / VI......

    The Montana is an expansion card for use with the Dakota. I use the Montana card for work clock only.  The ADAT ports as well as the MIDI ports are on the Dakota card.  I would be will to purchase new cards from a different company if that would resolve this problem.

    Let me know if you need any more info.



  •  thx for the info - so it appears you have 4 ADAT IN and 4 ADAT OUT + 4 SPDIF ...

    could you please try to disable one of them (from the device manager) and see if the problem perssts?



    edit: one of the audio cards has been meant ...

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • This might be a bit difficult... There is a sort of "matrix" that shows all the available ADAT ports from the card. Once VE (if it loads) is up..   They are all green stating that they are ready for use.  I don't think I can disable them. I'll try and go into the device manager and see if I can do this.  I really can't configure the card much, because VE must be loaded in order for the card to turn "green" and function. Once I try to work inside the card, the program shuts down. I could remove or disconnect the Montana card... I could remove both cards and see what happens as well.... These cards are  several years old. They have been with 2 pc 's and now this new one.  Could it be that VE does not agree with the drivers on these cards.  Since the problem is so great and universal (VE and VI are unstable and shut down)  it must be a conflict with ASIO and the card.  Perhaps a new card with less ADAT ports (I only use one anyway) would correct this problem.... Question...

    When I enter the device Manager ... what should I look for??.. I'm not sure I can disable the ADAT ports from there.

    I could call the company and ask how this this done if I can't figure this out.


  • you should see at least 2 audio devices in the device manager, seperately listed the dakota and the montana.

    usually you can rightclick and select *disable* (not uninstall) for one of them.

    any audio device control panel should have lost this device then (leaving you with 2 ADATs)


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  •  Mmmm..... Here is what I have in the device Manager under Sound, video and game controllers: 

    Dakota PCI audio card

    Frontier PCI WDM Interface

    Realtek High Definition Audio

    I can disable any one of them but which one??  I don't see the Monatna card, I guess it's the WDM interface

    What should I do????

  • O.K. Christian..... I disabled the Frontier PCI WDM Interface. Restarted and loaded VE.. Again the program shut down after it loaded.  Tried VI and again shut down..... HOWEVER.. I then  Disabled the Dakota card and re-abled the WDM card........ VE loaded GREAT !!! I was able to load instruments without a shut down.... Of course VE said it could not locate a sound card... but VE did not shut down.  I then tried VI alone.. same thing NO SHUT DOWN!!!! EVERYTHING WORKED!!!!!...  You are correct!!!!   It seems VE/ VI does not like the Dakota / Montana  cards... Any suggestions.... should I purchased another card from another company and remove both Frontier cards...  Your suggestion... 


  • thanks for your help on that. in the first run i overlooked that the montana is  - so to speak - just an extension to the dakota, so possibly we have some *too many ASIO channels* issue ... i'll let you know if a solution can be found.


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Hi Christian,

      I want ahead and purchased another sound card for my system.  There is not much that can be done with the Dakota card.It functions on some programs but not on others...  It was getting a bit old, so I needed to move on.   Thanks so much for your expert analysis on this problem.  Thanks also for your time...