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  • Question before buying... Are Special Edition Strings Looped?

    Quick question..I bought the first Vienna library back when the strings were NOT looped and sadly petered our after 3to5 seconds. But I LOVED the portomento! I'm thinking of purchasing the Special Edition Strings download and was wondering if they ARE looped and have that same portomento string from the first edition. Thanks so much!

  • Someone please help.. This will be worthless to me if they are not looped. I have the Vienna Symphonic Library First Edition with non-looped strings. They sound amazing but I can't use them for scoring because they are not looped which makes if frustrating when you have a great melody going and then they just stop. Are the strings in the Special Edition from the Vienna Symphonic Library First Edition? If so I'd be wasting my money buying the same non looped strings twice. Any help is much appreciated :) :)

  • Hi passenger,

    sorry for the delay.

    All sustains and legatos for the string ensembles are looped.

    The only exception: Solo Strings, these are not looped, but you can retrigger longer notes which will give you a bow change.

    Hope that helps!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks Paul! One last question.. are the portomento string ensembles in the Special Edition the same as the ones in the First Edition? I loved the sound of those.

  • Hi,

    the portamento samples are basically the same - could be that we edited them a bit, to get smoother transitions.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL