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  • VE2 no longer loading songs after update

    Okay im losing my patience here... Here's the deal. I had upgraded to VE 3452, but due to its horrendously sluggish UI problems, i requested a link to re-install a previous version until the bugs for 3452 are fixed. So Maya kindly emailed me with a link to VE version 3173. I followed the detailed instructions, deleting the com preferences, uninstalling, repairing permissions, etc and successfully got the earlier version working.

    However, when i start a NEW projekt (in Logic) everything loads fine. But once i save the file and then try to re-open it i the VE engine starts up, but nothing ever loads. I get a completely empty VE window. And I mean EMPTY:

    I've tried re-deleting all the preference files, but nothing seems to work.

    umm.. help?

    Dual 2.5 Ghz PPC

    Mac OSX 10.4.11

    Logic 7.2.1

    Current VE version .3173

  • Did you try to click on the blue "window" symbol? Minimizing and maximizing the VE window might help too. It´s probably just a graphics error.