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  • Chopin - Concerto N°2 for Piano and Orchestra

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    Hello there !

    I'm very happy to share with you a mix between real piano and pianist (me), and VSL orchestra, in the 2cnd Movement of 2cnd Concerto of Chopin.

    I think that I did something very realist...

    The sound here : Myself playing Chopin

    Thank you !

  • So the Orchestra is just VSL? May I ask what your sound packs are? You're a fantastic pianist by the way. :)

  •  That is beautiful playing, extremely expressive performance.     Also the orchestra accompaniment works really well. 

  • Very nice!!  I love hearing success stories like this when it comes to using sample libraries.  It reminds you of how incredibly far reaching the possibilities are.

    I too would love to hear more details about your approach and setup.


  • Excellent work.  Chopin is my favorite composer.  You knocked this one out of the park in my opinion as working with samples can be exhausting and difficult to say the least.  You're piano skills are wonderful as well.  Thanks for sharing this, what a delightful way for me to end my work day on.

    You should be very happy (and proud) with these results.  They are on par with the best demo's I have heard.


  • Very enjoyable performance!

    The piano has a charming vintage quality and sounds as though it were recorded in a Victorian salon.   It has lots of personality but sonically it may be a little at odds with the orchestra which sounds like it was recorded in a large hall. 

    The woodwinds are amazingly realistic.  Are they only VSL?   What type of processing did you do to the samples to achieve this sound?



  • Hello all,

    many thanks to you for all kind comments !
    The most important in my treatment of sound with Vienna Instruments, is the way of playing particularly in Velocity X Fade with the "Modulation" roll on keyboard. For me, I think it's the best way to have a realist rendition in phrases.
    Then, there is some personal uses of EQ (lot of "presence" and high freq), to obtain a color a little bit "tsssh".
    There is also a little bit of "Distorsion"..... (!) on strings and woodwinds, to have the illusion of the sound of breath or bow.
    Then, some cubase easy plugins like "Symphonic". And also, a panning of the strings parts on 3 audio tracks (1 : -60, 2 : 0, 3 : +60). Same thing for the piano part.
    I'm using SIR reverb, with Concert Gebouw ambiance that I put on 3 audio tracks (Far Left, Far Center, Far Right).

    So, the biggest part in realism is in the EQ, and the way of playing on the keyboard.

    Thank you very much to all !

  • It does indeed sound brilliant, good work! Did you use VSL SE or ...?

  • Great that you took the time to make it sound more human than machine.

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