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  • Some New Music

    Just wanted to share some new stuff that I have been doing...

    1. This is a track for BBC World. Composed by Sameer Uddin, Vocals by Humsika Iyer and Orchestration/Programming by myself.


    This is not the final mx.

    2. Horse Chase: This is chase scene I did for a feature animation film (More music to come!)...


    3. Bingo: This is for a commercial. Composed by Sameer Uddin, Additional parts/Orchestration/Programming by myself


    4. This is a Jazz track I did for fun - if you can call it jazz...just something I did with some free time and no keyboard!

    5. Nirma: This is a symphonic version of a popular (very old) jingle for a washing product in India. Only the main theme as been taken from the oldder commercials - rest is all new work.


    Mix not final.

    6. OMO: For an OMO commercial.


    Hope you will like it...!!



  • Hi Tanuj

    Checked the link again. It goes to Bluehost and states that "the page you have requested is currently under construction". Will try again tomorrow. 

    You posted a short piece a while back entitled Hrough which I really really like. Was it just a short-1"03", or is there more to it? If so where would I be able to find it?

    All the best..


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