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  • VSL Special edition wont install

    Upon installing VSL SE I got to disk 5 and then had an error to say package cannot be read file is corrupt or words to that effect! I am running a 2x2.66ghz Mac pro so after reading the forum people blame this on older mac drives? Can anyone please help????

  • Hi Squirrel

    I have the same computer and have had no problems installing. If you got as far as disc 5 then it's possibly a faulty DVD. Suggest you contact


  •  welcome squirrelnutkins and sorry to hear about your troubles.

    some DBVD drives are tending to get hot and then loose track ... so if your DVD does not show a significant scratch please try to copy the files from all DVDs into a folder on your harddrive (slowly and checking temperature of your drive and the DVDs) and install from there.


    we had a few cases with damaged DVDs, but they all had serious scratches (obviously from a packing machine)


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.