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  • VSL + Altiverb - positioning problem


    While this problem relates more to Altiverb rather than the VSL I have hopes that someone in this forum has had experience with the issue I am encountering. After years of having used Altiverb excessively I wanted to bring up something that has always puzzled me: The spatilization algorithm's inability to truly acknowledge panning of a given track.

    In large scores I would run a session with Altiverb instances on groups of instruments (ie. WW, Brass, Perc, Strings). In this scenario I route, say, the string section as a whole to an aux or bus on which Altiverb is instanciated with a stereo IR and configured to stage-positioning mode. I place the two speakers on the virtual stage at a good stereo width equally far from the center and at a depth of my choice. The individual instrument tracks who's outputs are routed directly to this altiverb bus have all their pannings in place (vlns, vlas, vlcs and bass, left to right, more or less).

    My question: How come that listening to the output of Altiverbs signal the stereo positioning of the individual instrument is imprecise? Even when chosing extreme pannings of the individual tracks and a fairly upfornt speaker positioning I still don't get a clear audibile distribution of the instruments in the stereo field. Narrow power-panning in the VE does not improve things noteworthily.

    I have worked around this issue in the past years by turning down the "mix" knob, by using individual altiverb instances on each track and putting both speakers for each track in the respective corner (tedious when you want to experiment with different ER-IRs). I would just like to know it from someone who knows why a pre-defined stereo image does not translate through two virtual speakers on the virtual stage.

    Thanks for reading this long post. Hope everyone here's well,