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  • Cube + Int. Hard Drives Installation Division - Best Performance?


    Just got the cube as well as several other libraries.  What would be the best way to divide the libraries on 3 Internal 7200 1TB drives? Would it be worth it to get a couple external drives as well?  Or would 3 internal SATA drives pretty much cover the Cube and as well as Appassionata I and II, Organ, Special Ed. Brass and Sp Ed Woodwinds?

    Thanks so much for any help!

    (Mac Pro - 2008 2.8 8 Core 16 GB Ram)

  •  avoid external disks whenever possible (the internal sATA connection is the fastest and least straining)

    btw: is there a system disk additionally to the 3 x 1 TB?

    i'd put the strings (and maybe percussion) on one disk and everything else on a second one, so you have the third disk available to record to and for various data.


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Thanks christian.  Yes, I have a system disc and then 3 other internals.  In a perfect sitaution, where money wasn't an option, what would be the best setup, multiple computers?  Just curious.  I've obviously spent alot on the cube and these other libraries, I want to make sure I can get everything to work properly.

    Thanks again!

  • Are there any other posts that do detailed describing of how to divide up libraries using multiple hard drives?  Thanks!

  • i personally would like to have everything on a single machine whenever possible and the computer is powerful enough.

    how to split libraries across drives depends on the libs you have and how your arrangements are stressing the drives.

    to have the strings section (plus omething less demanding) on a dedicated drive is a good choice in most cases.


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.