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  • how to set a Controlers preset

    Hallo everybody

    I've set in Map Control all my Controlers so that I can control them from Hyper Editor in Logic, then I saved this "custom preset" as a template in Logic, and that's fine. But if it happens that I need to create a track in Logic (in a project wich didn't start from that Template) and I want to assigne it to a VSL instrument ... all my controlers preset are lost. I gues there should be a way to save this preset, for example as a Matrix, and so I did but it doesn't work. It only saves the patch, not the controlers?

    what should I do?

    thank you for the attention


  •  You need to save an empty Preset in VE. Then you can load whatever Matrices you like, whenever you like and still keep your controllers.


  • Ciao DG

    thanks for the answer, could you tell me a bit more? You talk about VE wich I guess is Viennna Ensemble. I'm working with Vienna Instrument (solo strings), is' it the same? What do you mean with "to save an empty preset"? Say that I start with my Vienna intrument with all my controlers set in the Perform Window. At this point what do i have to do? If you can tell me step by step I thank you very much, because I'm not so expert yet.

    thanks a lot


    1. Open an empty VI instance
    2. Set your controllers as you like them
    3. Click Preset
    4. Click the save icon
    5. Name it however you like (Empty Preset)
    6. Click Save

    Now when you load a new Instrument load this Preset first and all your controllers will be set. You can also set as start-up Preset so that this happens automatically, but I don't know how to do this on OSX.


  • well I did it exactly as you write, I've now in the Preset Select Window " my Controlers Preset" (at the bottom of all default presets). Than I close the project, open a new one and try to load this preset  by double clicking on it, but nothing is loaded. If I open a default preset (say, cello Preset Level 1) the patch is loaded but not the controlers.

    What am I doing wrong? seems so ease!

    sorry for the disturbance but...


  • God, it works!! Only one has to ceate the patch and only than the preset appears in Perform window. that's why before I coudn't see it.

    Thanks a lot DG very precious!