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  • Please Vienna give us access to older VI builds!


    As I mentioned months ago the current Mac VI build has a very slow GUI. Now I'm experiencing 'system overload' warnings in logic when I attempt to record in just a solo violin!

    I'm on a 2008 8 Core Mac Pro with 10.5.6 and Logic 8.0.2  - and I miss the old VSL - the one that was the best sample player out there - I'm afraid my faith is being challenged right now!

    Please could you give me a link to the previous VI build so I can keep working?

  • I sent you an e-mail


  • Im in the exact situation as well... I'd like to request a link too, or (even better) hope to think that this latest bug in build 3452 will be updated soon.  Thanks!

    - michael

  •  Hi,

    I don't meant to be a smart guy... Just want to share that I always keep all the old versions (of all software) at a safe place in case I need them again. You guys should do the same.


  • Yes, since I have bought my 8-core with Leopard, VI has a very loooooooooong first-loading time (apx. 45 sec), after that everything is perfect. If you need older versions of VI, please tell me, but the basic problem is Vienna Instruments on Leopard. Try to load VI in Tiger and you will see that it will load in few seconds and works well.

    VIENNA TEAM, when will you release the 64bit Version of VI. Are you waiting for 10.6 or what is the problem? There is a 64bit Version for Windows. The VISTA Version of VI is loading sooooo fast, but I won't go back to Microshit and Winshit. Once go MAC, never go back. Please, please tell us what are your plans to release the 64bit Version of VI for MAC to solve the speed-problem??????????

    Best regards,


  • I have the same problems under Leopard with my 8 core(2009), first-loading time seems endless, once this is done everything loads up fast until I reboot my machine.

    I guess the software developers would have done a 64 Mac version if this would have been so easy, but obviously there seems to be a problem to solve, I don't think that they just don't care about Mac users.