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  • VST Expression Maps


    When do you do that for Logic ?



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  • I would imagine when Logic supports Expression maps. [;)]


  • I still don't understand their use. I understand that you type in or draw in the markings but how does Cubase know which articulation to select when there are many versions of the same one?

    Reg legato, fast legato, legato no attack

    portato short, med, long

    pizz tight or loose

    How does it know the difference?


  • Hi DM33,

    well, the Expression Maps have all the information Cubase needs to work with our matrices and presets [:)]



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • This is of much interest to me but before I plop down $$ for Cubase I need to understand this better.

    How does Cubase know which articulation to use when you only write "pizz" in the score? VSL has a few different pizz articulations same with legato, dyn, scales/arps, does it know which one to choose.

    Are you only loading basic articulations in the matrix? What happens when you need the more advanced techniques? Do you have to then manually program these? 


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    Hi again,

    we have included the most essential articulations for each collection - if you want to add specialized articulations, you can always add them to your Expression Map, or simply insert a keyswitch.

    Did you check out our Video Tutorial?



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    I get now.

    Ok, yes, I watched the video.

    Thanks for your patience!