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  • Vienna Ensemble Pro load balancing?

    In Logic Pro 8, it is better to use stereo instances of i.e EW Play or Kontakt 3.5 on multi-core machines rather than multi-timbral because Logic spreads them throughout the cores whereas all the instuments in a multi-timbral instantiation go to 1 core. However, Plogue Bidule, which I currently use as an AU rack doesnot do any automatic load balancing. When it is released, it seems to me that VE Pro will be a more elegant solution than PB. Will it have any kind of automatic load balancing scheme? Jay Asher, composer, author of "Going Pro With Logic Pro 8"

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    on one hand it is a question of logic itself (see this post) and on the other hand of the used plugin - if it is programmed to run multi-threaded it can use more cores, if not then not.


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • That doesn't explain why a plug-in that is capable of doing so does in Logic but not Plogue Bidule. Sebastien Plogue says that PB simply does not have automatic load balancing like Logic does. So my question is still, when it is released, will Vienna Ensemble Pro have the able to spread stereo instances throughout the cores with plug-ins that are capable of it as Logic does, or not, as Plogue Bidule does not? I think this is a pretty straight ahead question.

  •  dear asher, the question might appear straight ahead, however the answer can't be.

    beforehand: i don't know how Plogue defines *automatic load balancing* or PB is programmed in detail.

    Vienna Ensemble as such can use multiple cores (runs multi threaded), but circumstances can occure, which do not allow to fork an audio process into several threads - you might have noticed such effect already with some plugins.


    so the answer can only be: yes, VE does *automatic load balancing* unless prevented by other processes involved.


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Thanks. I eagerly await the release of this to test. If it works as expected, it is going to be a game changer and as a Logic Pro trainer, I will be setting it up for a lot of other composers.

  • Yo DJ Jay A, VE3 (the current one that doesn't host third-party instruments yet) is definitely spreading the load across multiple cores when it's running VSL V.I. players, in fact it does a great job of that. You have access to the latest VI mag, right? I have the screen pix in there to prove it.

  • Very good news, Nick.