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  • Vienna Ensemble Pro Release

    Hi guys,

    sorry if i missed something somewhere else:

    When you announced VE Pro at Musikmesse Frankfurt, did you announce any release date other than "soon"?

    Is there a chance for a release in 2009??? (I remember you promised this major release around 1 Year ago already.

    So pleeeease, can you be a little more specific than "soon"?

    Cheers from Hamburg


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    This is cut and pasted from another thread from Paul.

    @oliverheuss said:

    VE PRO is still in development. We are fine-tuning a lot of things, also the GUI, so that we can give you a rock-solid software

    It will take at least one more month before VE PRO is ready to be released, and we will give you more information once we are ready!

    Thanks for your patience,


    Hope that helps.


  • Thanx cgernaey and Paul,

    that helped a lot.