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  • trombones gliss different positionchanges I'm used to


    I don't want to enoy anyone with my thread, but I've got a benin problem with the tromboneglissandos in Brass I L2.

    E.g. from e2  (position VII) to a2 sharp (position I) or e2=E to a2=A is no glissando, and other examples.Why are they not according to common instrumantationbooks. In real practice it worked always out.So if there are other conditions, the trombonist had by the recordings, is it possible to receive his list of glissandos, because the one I learned in the Hochschule or Blatter or Samuel Adler or Korsakoff are different. Might be there was used an other trombone I alwayse used to wright for - no offense, the quality of the by VSL engaged trompone player is magnificant.


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