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  • VSL Daemon won't open


    First problem I've ever had with VI, so here goes!

    Standalone: When I go to load VE or an individual VI, I get an error message for vsldaemon and the whole thing closes again.

    In Cubase Studio 4: When I load VE as a VST nothing happens. When I load a VI instance I get an empty VI player (after a few minutes of loading).

    Things of note: This PC, though reliable, has been showing its age recently. Most importantly the internal ethernet card failed. Everything else - soundcard, drivers for all other hardware, etc - have been fine. The order of failures was: 1) ethernet card, 2) Cubase Studio 4 wouldn't open (error message, and worked after installing update), and 3) VE and VI.

    Posted here rather than direct support so I'd (hopefully, though not always the case!) get a few different responses and suggestions.

    Thanks in advance for your wisdom,


  •  robert, could you please detail about the error message, what does it say exactly?

    my assumption: not the ethernet card failed, but th TCP/IP stack of your operating system is corrupted - windows XP?

    unfortunately the vsldaemon relies on internal TCP/IP communication and now fails too.


    if in *properties of network* your ethernet card still shows up i would try the following:

    uninstall all protocols and bindings in the list (from bottom to top, not all will offer this option) the dialog will display similar to this



    then remove (uninstall, not only disable) your network card from the device manager - reboot.

    during a restart windows should be *detecting new devices, installing software and drivers* and hopefully overwrite the corrupt TCP/IP stack. if this works also the vsldaemon should work again.



    btw: the daemon will never *open*, it is just *communicating* - what opens is VI / VE

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Thanks for the quick response! Early, too :)


    VIennaEnsemble.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.
    AppName/Modname = viennaensemble.exe


    Offset: 00534d29

    You want the hardcore technical report? 

  • though the message is somehow generic i still suspect the TCP/IP stack ... please try the following:

    open a command prompt: click START - Run, type *cmd* (without the asterisks), click OK

    into the black dos prompt window type: ping localhost - hit [ENTER] or: ping [ENTER] - if there is a reply at least something is up, if not proceed as outlined in my previous post


    if ping returns something please launch an explorer and go to C:\Program Files\Vienna Ensemble\ and double click (execute) the vsldaemon.exe (the process should now appear in the process list of the task manager) ... hopefully this works, if not i'd recommend to uninstall VE (from settings - control panel - add/remove software, reboot, re-install latest version.


    if vsldaemon starts now type into the dos prompt: telnet localhost 6179 [ENTER] - if any characters (usually 4) appear, communication to the vsldaemon works, if not there might be a firewall blocking local TCP communication.

    if a connection could be established typing into the dos prompt: exit [ENTER] should result in a message *connection to host lost* (wording might differ)


    now try to launch Vienna Ensemble.exe manually (from the still open explorer window) - again if the error message appears again please go through the uninstall - reinstall routine as described above


    hth, christian

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Thanks CM, I suspec the TCP/IP stack also. I'll give your instructions a try and report the results here.

    Thanks again,


  • Yup, as I feared: no ping. ''Unable to contact IP driver. Error code 2''

    Seems I'll have to go playing ''Registry Chicken"...

  • Make sure you do "ping localhost" or "ping". cm accidentally put the wrong IP in his post.

  •  thx martin, corrected in original post now ... should not post numbers on sundays ;-)

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.