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  • 4 1/2 questions

    Okay, Getting ready to take the leap here and I have a few questions first. 1) Do the Sforzato articulations in the Special Edition (most basic version) sustain indefinitely, or are the notes shorter than they are in the legato articulation? 2) My download speed is comparatively slow. If I were to purchase some of the downloadable sounds, must they download to the computer where I will be using them, or can I download them to say my son's computer at work, burn them onto DVDs, and load them into my computer? [1/2 question]: I would assume by the title of the offer that the 'Download Vienna Instruments' are indeed download only. 3) What size download are we talking for the Special Edition Woodwinds (standard library)? 4) Is the basic software necessary to use these instruments included in the download price? Thanks ~

  • Hi Milk

    1) Sforzato artics don't sustain for more than 2-3 seconds

    2) You can download to any computer and transfer later.

    2 1/2) Quite a few of the download instruments are from DVD collections

    3) 3.8GB

    4) Vienna Instruments(essential) and Vienna Ensemble(optional) software is free to download



  • Thanks Colin ~ So does your answer to 2 1/2 mean that you can indeed only get those items advertised as 'download instruments' via download? Yes, this seems like a no-brainer, but I would like to be sure - thanks (to you or whomever) for probably restating the obvious for me.

  • Some of the download instruments are exclusively for download e.g.  Soprano Choir, Upright Bass, Bb Trumpet, Bassoon 2. If you go to Products/ Download Instruments it actually does point out what instruments are available on the big DVD collections (Most of them are). HTH


  • What I originally thought appears to be the case - generally, you have to download the Special Edition (basic) of the instruments or families, and then the 'Plus' versions of the instrument families can be either via download or DVD.

  • The Special Edition is available on DVD too, but only as a whole (you can't buy sections separately)...