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  • Urgent Problem with my download instruments!!!

    Good Day, I've buy two download instruments directly on you official website: upright bass, and sax soprano. I have maked the download (really slow!); I've autorized all on my Steimberg Key; but the Big problem is: when I click on the PAKAGE-INFO that in the tutorial video show that I can do 2 things: to go to the upgrade for OS X PPC 1.10 intel, and to go to set in the right way the instruments in the Directory Manager...I click on the Pakage-info and it open OPERA, the browser of default! And OPERA is not good to open the Pakage-info. And I'm in stop with the download instruments from 2 days for this problem! Can you help me, please!?

  • Are you running the Library Installer? A menu should appear. Are you clicking on the from within the menu?


  • Hello Colin: this is the message that appear in my Library Installer:

    <<You will be asked to locate the file to start the installation of your Vienna Instruments Collection Library.

    DVD Collections:
    Find this file on DVD 1 of your Vienna Instruments DVD collection.

    Download Instruments:
    The is contained in the .zip file that comes with your downloaded sound files. Make sure that this file is in the same folder as the .cab files of your Download Instrument.>>

    The problem is not simple...maybe I've not the right Library installer...I don't know where I can find it on the site!

    Thank you


  • When I click OK on the message of the Library Installer I see the folder Vienna Instrument with the trasparence of the icons: are not active!

  • You'll find the latest version under User Area/ Software/ Vienna Instruments if that is the problem.


  • Sal

    Just remembered- the .cab files should be greyed out but the should be in bold type and selectable.


  • Colin, the only one software that I've find on site is this:

    Vienna Instruments Software 2.0.3452 (Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5, 32 bit, UB) 66.6 MB

    2009-02-13 11:53

    Is the right installer?!!!


  • I try continuosly to install. Now I've opened the Library Installer! It ask to me the destination folder. I've puted Vienna Library, where are all the downloads and the pakage-info (that now is in black and is good). The installer run but after the installation open a window where says: <<Cannot read installation package (file is corrupted?)>>...

    Really I don't know what I must to do!

    Please, help me to install. Thanks a lot.


  • Hi Sal

    The VI software is the right one. Suggest you download the zip file again and try reinstalling with that. If that doesn't work then you'll have to contact support@vsl directly. Maybe one of the .cab files is the culprit. Good luck


  •  are you sure you watched the download instruments installation manual?

    you can't click on the package info file (well, you can, but then stange things are expected to happen)

    it is that easy:

    - download the .zip file and extract it - a folder will be crated

    - download and place all cab files into this folder

    - run the library installer and  - as the message says - navigate to the location your file resides

    - agree to the terms of license, select destination, VST folder, click install, watch the progress - finished.


    make sure to create seperate folders for every download instrument when unzipping the archive containing the

    hth, christian


    edit: i didn't mention but LCC and VI or VE has to be installed before - otherwise you don't have the library installer on your computer ...

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • To avoid a possible missunderstanding "navigate to the location your file resides",

    means of course navigation using the running installer to get to the file (and not navigation on your desktop)



  • Thanks a lot to all! All the things that I've done are correctly now. Of course I navigate in the running installer and not on my desktop (the first); all the files are separate, and the sax is in the same folder of his Package-info, and the Upright Bass too in another; the installer makes all the installation correctly, but in the end of the process put a window where is wrote: <<Cannot read the package instrument (is the file corrupted?)>>. This is the problem, for all the 2 instruments (the same...) in the facts!

    I think that the only one thing that I can do now is to repeat the download of the 2 instruments after to unistall the precedents. And to try again a time to install. Please, let me know if you think the same. I've just another question: is possible that these download instruments are not compatible with my sistem Leopard on my Mac Pro?!!!

    Thank you. If you have another solution, please, let me know it.

    Best regards.


  •  this indicates one of the downloaded cab files is corrupt - the progress window should show you where it stops.

    you could double check the MD5 hash of the cab (compare with list on download page or in text file) or just re-download the assumably corrupt file (maybe clear your browsers cache first to avoid it presents you the same corrupted file)



    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.