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  • Using Vienna Ensemble 2 in Logic 8

     Dear All

    Just taken the plunge and upgraded my system from tiger to leopard and installed logic 8.  Everything is working ok so I also installed Vienna Ensemble.

    I was wondering how do you set up VE2 in an existing logic orchestral project? 

    I am using about 55 software instrument tracks and I am having trouble setting up VE so that the existing software instrument tracks, which contain all the midi data and programming information for Vienna Instruments, can be routed to VE.  I know from previous posts that one has to create multi-instruments in logic's enviroment window and connect them to software instuments etc.  But all the previous posts on this subject are not 100% clear in exactly what you have to do.

    If anyone can take the trouble to make a point by point description of how you setup VE for an existing project I would then be able to take advantage of VE's extra RAM capacity facility, and maybe I will be able to install enough articulations for a full orchestra.

    Thanks for your help.



    PS.  My setup is as follows:

    Mac 2.5Ghz G5 with 6GB Ram.

    Mac OS10.5.6, Logic 8.02

    Motu 828 Mk II

  • Hi Mirabile

    Don't have much time at the moment so just to say, remember that as things stand, you would need to create 4 VEs for your 55 VIs and will be restricted by the RAM limit of approx 2.4GB in total. Can be done only if your VIs are  basic non memory hungry articulations.

    You'd have to set up 4 multi-instruments for your VEs, copying the settings of your original VIs and then drag the midi sequences from the VI tracks onto their respective VE tracks, deleting the VIs as you go to free up memory. Your best bet at the moment would probably be to have a mix of VEs and VIs in order to use 5GB+ RAM. Will get back to you if no-one else jumps in.


  • ct1961

    Thanks for the info.

    If anyone else could make a contribution that would be great



  • Paul

    Is there any chance of a video tutorial on how to set up VE with Logic 8.02 in the new future?  Because as you can see there does not seem to be to many people who have responded to my initial question and I am still having difficulty in setting up VE within an existing project.  It is probably something rather simple but I am a composer and not a computer nerd.

    Thanks for any help you or any else in the support team could give me.



  • Hi Mirabile,

    Here's another thread I wrote a while ago - maybe this might do the job?



  • Hi Mirabile

    You don't have to be a computer nerd to set it up. Initially I had difficulties but it is rather simple when it comes to it.

    I don't think you'll be able to reassign the individual tracks to a VE channel so you may have to do it the way I pointed out in my first post. If you've saved any VIs with custom matrices or presets then you will be able to load them into VE no problem. If  there's any specific point that you don't understand, post back.

    1) Under Track in Logic select New then Soft Inst clicking multi timbral. Will create 16 tracks.

    2) Highlight the top track in Arrange and In the Inspector under I/O select VE multi.

    3) In Mixer click the + button 15 times to create aux tracks(or how many you need).

    4) In VE click on Instrument 1.

    5) In the VE under the Midi in menu select  1 Plugin Midi In. Channel 1 should be selected already. You can at this point create as many Insts as you need with Insert Instrument.

    6) Select your VIs for each instrument and at the bottom of the channel strips output them in ascending order. Inst 1 to HW OUT 1/2, Inst 2 to HW OUT 3/4 etc. These correspond to the Instrument Tracks in the arrange and the relevant Auxes in the Mixer in Logic.

    You can move the midi regions to their new VE tracks deleting the original VI tracks as you go. If you've used automation in your tracks then don't ask me! I'm off to pick up another Vienna Key. Good Luck


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    @ct1961 said:

    I don't think you'll be able to reassign the individual tracks to a VE channel so you may have to do it the way I pointed out in my first post

    Hello again.

    Ran a small experiment with 3 VIs and couldn't find a way to have them played by VE2 other than that which I posted.


  • Dear all

    To everyone who replied to this post thanks for the info.