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  • No Impulse Responses Folder

    I've just installed Special edition & plus successfully and I'm trying to open the SE demo project, served by VSL, to study.

    Before opening the file, it recommends me to drag the '*.sdir file' to the following location:

    MacHD/Library/Application Support/Logic/Impulse Responses/35 Misc.Delays

    But I can't find that folder. There's no 'impulse Responses folder' in Logic directory.

    Does it happen to you? or only to me?

    I'm saying Full version of Logic 8.

    Anybody knows it?

  • Hi Sunnykim

    You'll find an Impulse Responses folder, hopefully, under Users/Library/Audio. Try bunging it in there!


  • ..or under HD/Library/Audio/Imp Res/Apple..

  • Hi ct961, I got it. Thanks a lot for the answer. I'm wondering why a search function of mac didn't find it...