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  • Sustain Issues with Woodwinds and Solo Strings

    I am still having a number of sustain issues which appear to be erroneous given their context.

    The Woodwinds Perf Legato Speed Matrix all have the following behaviour: If I load the L1 Perf Legato Speed Matrix, both the 1st (e.g.FL2 perf_leg sustain) and the fastest (FL perf_leg_fa) go into loop sustain (indefinitely actually) whilst the middle patch in the matrix only sustains for about 2 seconds. Why is this? Surely it makes sense for all three to sustain. In some cases the sustain is in fact unrealistically short. (please don't suggest that I implement yet another switch... that makes no sense either since the other adjacent patches cope just fine and i need to use this in Finale where such constant switching is really not practical).

    Why do the String Harmonics not sustain (e.g. DB harm_art_sus) even when their nomenclature states that they DO sustain? And what might be the workaround here? Its a pity that other patches such as the fp and sFz also don't sustain. It is certainly making my life scoring in Finale quite difficult.

    I've downloaded the updates but they haven't fixed any of these issues. Admittedly if one were working in Logic or sim. all the time there might be workarounds but somehow I don't understand why these patches couldn't be made to sustain just to help the more 'direct to score' composers among us.

  • I have the same difficulties. Any help from the Vienna team?


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    Not all the sustain- and performance samples of the VSL Library are looped.

    That's a fact. So "change the bow direction with strings" or "take a breathe with winds".

    In other words:

    Start the note again. Perhaps you can soften the crossing between the ending and the starting note with CC64 (pedal)...

    All the best

    Beat Kaufmann

    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":
  • Beat,
    thanks for the reply and I guess you might recall we've discussed this before.

    However, whilst I understand your answer it does not present a convincing soloution for those of us who compose in programmes such as Finale. The main point of my argument is that there are some severe irrationalities made by the VSL programmers as to which samples sustain and which don't. Why does the middle patch in an otherwise perfect matrix NOT sustain. Why on earth do the string harmonics NOT sustain.

    To retrigger a tied sustained string harmonic in my score makes no sense if I then have to print it out and remember to re-tie all those split sustains. If you are writing large orchestral works (the one I'm currently writing is a 120 minute opera) then these are not soloutions! It also makes no sense for a programme to to dictate when I should change bow direction in the strings just because a proper sustained loop was somehow omitted at the programming stage. These sort of issues should be resolvable with an update just like they are on other programmes designed for everyday professional use. In effect these discrepancies make life extremely difficult for composers who bought VSL as the ultimate soloution to their composing needs.

    I'd REALLY hoped for a response from a Vienna representative on this but the repeated silence on this matter speaks volumes. Given the expected professionalism from a company such as VSL (who in fact respond on most subjects) I am very disappointed not to hear that the basic requirements of composers working in what is quite a common manner can not at least be dealt with in some way (or at the very least responded to in some manner).

    Perhaps I'm mistaken though and most people don't use Vienna to compose music for real musicians. They just use it to show off their programming skills in Logic to recreate classical music performances (sorry I don't mean to be mean here, it's just frustrating to see so much being made of this sometimes!).

    Please good Vienna folk, is there no way that you can make at least the harmonics sustain?

  • Hi folks,
    Given the recent discussions on these topics I'm bumping this just to see if someone from VSL might react in terms of the possibility of developing a fix for these looping issues.

    It seems that I am after all not the only one affected by these shortcomings in some of the VI matrices and that others are struggling with some of the decisions made in the sample development process. The workarounds suggested thus far are far from satisfactory for those composers working in programmes such as Sibelius or Finale.

    Many thanks,

    Jürgen Simpson Centre Director Centre for Computational Musicology and Computer Music University of Limerick Ireland