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  • How do I reset alternation notes to start with the first note?

    Example: The VI-sffz-vib has two different notes. I need my song to start with the first of the two alternations. How do I do that, since there doesn´t seem to be a reset button or something similar in VE?

    In case it matters: My Strings are on an external PC, so there is no sequenzer-internal reset, in case VE has something like that. 

    Setting the starting note manually, is no option, cause I´d have to do that on several tracks, everytime I stopp the song. 

  •  You can't.


  • That´s bad! Hope they fix that!

  • HI Felix,

    quick workaround:Play the same note before your first note (but muted) and then your next note will be the second alternation [:)]



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul, 

    maybe I missunderstood you: If I start my sequenzer and stop it, (depending on where I stop) any of the two alternation notes could be the next note, that is played after restarting my sequenzer. 

    So my only workaround to get my song starting with the right note would be checking every track and playing notes till the last alternation is played, so the next one would be the first note. Right?

    In my eyes a reset button would realy make sense. 

  • Hello Felix,

    that´s indeed a misunderstanding: the Alternation is automatically reset (after about 2 seconds), that´s also true for Performance Repetitions (here it depends on the tempo of the original repetition, so that you get the starting note if the break between repeated notes is long enough.

    If you start your sequencer and play through your song, you ALWAYS hear the same notes.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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    @Paul said:

    HI Felix,

    quick workaround:Play the same note before your first note (but muted) and then your next note will be the second alternation




    Paul, I've never got that to work. Can you confirm that it works in other sequencers than Logic? I ask, because Logic has a very weird way of muting notes, compared with any other sequencer.


  • How do you "mute" a note? Are you talking about the muting tool? Will it be regognized by Logic as an alternation note?

    Is there any workaround to tell Logic "This is the note, I want you play, whenever I play the song from a certain position"?

  • Hi,

    sorry, I should have been more clear:I´d simply use Expression (CC11, already activated by default) to mute the first note. This way it will be played, but not audible. If ypu mute the note in your sequencer, the VI will not get a MIDI information and of course it will not work.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • DG, good question.

    I did thought about Paul's tip of making note muted...

    I can not figure how to do that in DP6...

    Any input...??


  • Here is my favorite setup to to trigger the same sample in any alternation patch, especially for sfz, fp sffz etc:

    I use a dedicated Matrix,

    In  the first horizontal line (1A, 2A, 3A) I place my different articulations, like sfz, fp, etc.

    On the  "Cell Edit" pages I set the Volumes of all these patches to cero.

    Now I generate a second horizontal line, and load here once again the same patches (with regular volume settings.

    Now I set the vertical (V-Span) switch to Velocity control and set the level switch slider to a very low value.

    Now I can play any "ghost notes" when I play with low velocity which will not sound.

    So with an alternation patch, which includes 2 alternations, performing one ghost note between the regular notes will give you always the same alternation sample.

    Of course the ghost notes have to played on the same key as the regular notes.



  • Herb,

    Thanks a lot, this is a great great tip !


  • That helped. Thanks a lot! Still have a simple reset key on my christmas wishlist. But for the moment this will do.