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  • VE3 Crashes on Slave PC


    I own a VSL SE bundle standard, and am trying to run
    my library on my pc ( slave ) with Vienna Ensemble 3.

    All is working perfectly well but when I try to load more than 8
    instruments on 1 instance of VE3 (v.3.03452) service,  windows aborts VE Service!

    My PC is brand new, an Intel core 2 2.8hz, 4gb with windows vista
    ultimate 32bits (but this problem was also happening on my older pc).
    It is a dedicated pc for VSL. My host is a Macbook pro, 2.4ghz, 4gb

    Could anyone please let me know how to solve this problem? All my network
    connetions are ok, with fast ethernet cable, a switch.

    Is it a VE3 software problem?

    Thanks  very much!!

  •  What is the RAM usage on the slave when it aborts?


  • Hi,

    It's 2.62GB... isn't it strange?

    Thanks for replying!

  •  If VE is using 2.62GB, then you are just running out of RAM.