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  • Thank you to Herb, and all the vsl team for the spring discounts.......

    Just want to say an open  thank you to Herb and all of the VSL team for the discounts and offers with the spring sale, and all of the hard work that I am sure went with it.

    All very generous, and I am now a very happy owner of some new download instruments. The Acoustic Guitar is just fantastic, and all the the other  downloads I purchased are brilliant. I still can't get over how the little modem for my wireless broadband manages to download all of those instrument wave files, plus the software. Technology is a wonderful thing. It's kind of amazing to think that all the Vienna wave files, and software manages to travel through the air, as it seems, and end up sounding great on my pc.

    When I got the certificate for the extended library, it had been sent to me by Mrs Tucmandl! [I was wowed by this, and next time I should ask her to sign it next time, so I have her signature!].

    What was more generous, was that the download instruments that I received free - when I looked at the DVD libraries, I noticed that even though I had not paid for them - they were still credited to me towards getting a discount off any of the DVD extended libraries if I decide to buy one day! I mean, that's really pretty good and very generous in spirit from vsl isn't it?

    And I must say that  Paul Steinbauer does a fabulous job with customer support. He is always open to answering questions, no matter how hard, and is a true gentleman in all his handling of queries. He is always cheerful in spirit in his email replies, and has a great sense of humour, and was very instrumental some years ago, [when I first wrote to him enquiring about the vsl products], at turning me into a very happy VSL customer.

    Also, Andi on the Notation forum is doing a great job with everything there, and I think I have to regard him as the notation/vsl program Guru now. He just seems to know everything there is that you need to know, and always is so ready and generous to help also.

    I can say the same for Christian and Dietz who constantly answer posts on the forum, and try their best to be helpful to all.  I am always amazed at the depth of technical knowledge that Christian and Dietz show in their knowledge of computers and software, and how they are able to answer very technical questions in great detail and depth,  and discuss ideas related to them with the greatest of ease. Amazing!

    And also, Michael Hula, who does such a great job with organising things on the soundstage. He is one of the people that gets the VSL magic going for all of us, and helps so much with his hard work in all of the production of all of these great libraries. I must admit I would love to watch how he does all of this organising and working with so many different musicians, and getting them to sound so great in their sample production.

    best regards again to all of the vsl team for the discounts and the hard work during the spring sale and my apologies for anyone that I may have left out!

    thanks again,


  •  thank you, Steve, for such a nice comment [:D], we really appreciate this.


    cheers, michael

  • No Problem Michael,

    you all deserve it[:D][^]



  • I second this!  You all do an amazing job in my opinion as well.  And I am really thankful for the spring offer.  It gave me much more access to instruments then I would have been able to normally justify and pay for!

    These download instruments are amazing!  I can't wait to see the new products!  Thanks again!


  • I've never spent so much money to save so much money in all my life.