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  • Comparison of Vienna Super Package and Special Edition bundle?

    Besides the price and overall size differences, could anyone tell me if there are any instruments completely left out on SE and if there are any not so obvious differences. Thanks everyone! Josh

  • Hello Josh,

    where to start? [:)]

    Yes, there are some instruments of different VI collections completely left out in the SE (these have been recorded later):

    Solo Strings II (muted)

    Chamber Strings II (muted)

    some instruments of the Special Woodwinds (Heckelphone, Basset Horn)....

    Soprano Saxophone

    Special Brass


    and the new Download Instruments like Trumpet in Bb and Bassoon 2

    .... I hope I didn´t leave anything out!

    Apart from that, one of the main differences is the fact that the Special Edition contains 75.000 samples, whereas the Super Package contains more than 1.000.000 samples.

    Another distinction: The Special Edition is mapped in whole-tone steps, the "big" VI Collections are mapped in half-tone steps.

    In any case, the Special Edition is a great collection to start with, as you get to know the Vienna Instruments system and many instruments, and you can upgrade to the "big" VI Collections or the Download Instruments anytime, so that you have a modular system to build your virtual orchestra.

    Hope that helps!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL