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  • VE/Sonar 8 Help Please


    I am using Sonar 8 and whenever Vienna Ensemble is being used and I want to bring up VE I have to minimize Sonar and go back to the desktop and maximize VE.  Is this normal behavior with Sonar?



  •  Sorry, I don't have a concrete answer for you. I use Sonar 8 as well, but my VEs are on slave computers and it's been a long time since I used VE directly within Sonar.

    When you double click the VE in the Synth Rack, what do you get? Is it the VE Server interface box thingy? Or does the VE interface itself come up?

    Is VE on your task bar? If VE is on your desktop then, it should be on your task bar, too. Click on it in the task bar should bring it forward and on top of everything else.


  •  Hi Mahlon,

    Thanks for the reply.  When I double click in the synth rack I only get the little box, not the interface.  I'll check the taskbar, I didn't think of that.  If anyone knows of this I would still like to be able to open from the synth rack if possible.

  •  question: what does that little box contain and is it possible to resize the box to a *normal window size* (not just maximizing it)?


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Is this a visibility question?

    If yes, then leave both sonar and VE maximized and hit Alt + Tab to switch between the screens. Hold down ALT and then hit TAB and you can cycle thru the open windows. I hate mousing around and try to use every keyboard shortcut know to man to get around the computer.

    I recommend a 2nd monitor as well. One for Sonar and one for your virtual instruments.

    I'm planning on getting a 3rd monitor so I can see 2 Sonar windows at once plus VE.

    Hope i helped.


  •  DM,

    Yes the Alt Tab works, thank you!  That makes things easier.  I have an extra monitor but can it work off the same computer?  Would it suck up more Ram memory?

    I do want to upgrade my system as soon as possible, new computer.  Right now Windows XP, 3.25 Gigs of Ram, 3.20 ghz M-Audio 410 Firewire.


    The little box is called Server Interface and shows the connection Status.  There is another little box in the bottom right corner of it but when clicked on it does nothing.  If you stretch (not maximize) the Server Interface it only gives grey area.The Alt Tab will work for me though unless there is even a quicker way.

    Thanks Guys!

  •  i see, didn't understand in a first run .... VE3 opens just the connection dialog on the master (host), the VE3 interface as such opens on the slave computer ... you could access the slave's desktop using remote desktop thogh.

    hth, christian

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • You would need a video card with 2 outputs on it. Most come with 1 VGA and 1 DVI (or 2 x DVI) so you can get another monitor, you might need a $15 VGA to DVI adapter. Its pretty easy to set this up.

    Next, you will have to go into the Windows Display Properties and activate the 2nd monitor by checking a box. Now the Windows Desktop will be spread across both screens and when you launch Sonar you can grab a corner and pull it to the other screen or stretch it across both screens.

    I have it stretched across both screens and VE is on screen #2 fully maximized. I use ALT+TAB to switch between them. I like to see 2 views in Sonar, always the project view on display #1 and I change between score/piano roll/mixer on display #2.

    If I add a 3rd monitor I could have 2 views in Sonar plus VE. Now, that will be nice!

    Good luck!