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  • Is this the way the Demo should work?

    Hey Everyone, I recently bought the Cube and registered 2 more libraries so I could get the 2 extended libraries for free. So I installed the Solo strings and Chamber strings and was trying out the demo to pick which extended to get(it gives you "180 starts" right???). Before I was about to load another library I checked to see how many starts I had left (I finally figured this out)......OMG only 42!!!!! It turns out that not only does it take away 1 for starting up the software but also for every articulation you load. So in the 5 or so times I used it (just listening to solo and chamber strings) I have used almost 140 starts on my demo. So I now I will probably never get to here the other extended this the way it is supposed to work??? Can I shut off the demo until I get the other libraries loaded?? Anyway if this is the way its supposed to work then it looks like i won't get to hear the extended libraries. So my question is if you were to pick any 2 extended libraries what would they be???

  •  I'd be going for solo strings 1 extended.  The solo strings 1 standard/extended is ungodly.  I am still building my library but it is by far going to get more use out of me then anything else I own.  I am so glad I bought that package.

    For the second one, just me but I would be probably looking at the main woodwinds and getting an extended of those.  It really depends on your music but for me, that's the two I'd love to have.

    If you plan on buying more later (or soon) then I would focus on getting the extendeds that had the highest bill.  But again, I would only do that if I knew I had the money to soon buy the ones I actually need "right now".  So look at this from a "what do I need RIGHT NOW" and then ask yourself "can I save a lot of money, buy purchasing the higher extendeds now and adding the ones I need soon after".

    If you needing them right now out weighs you being able to wait then do just that.  But it sounds to me like you don't have any idea "what you need right now".  If that was the position I was in, I'd be going with the biggest money saving options.