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  • VE3 won't connect... help please!

    Hi, I've now bought a Synergy PC (as suggested by VSL team) as a slave for my MacBookPro (2.33 Core2Duo) running OS10.4.11 and Logic 8. I've done everything the manual has said and also trawled through the forums for extra info (so I've also disabled the firewall on both mac and PC). But still no joy. I've tried Pinging the PC using Network Utility and whilst it does send the material 0% of the ping is echoed back. Now I should add that I've no experience with network stuff and even less with PCs. That's why I bought the purpose built PC as suggested by VSL hoping that things would be seamless. The manual is pretty thin in terms of info (took me a while to work out that I needed to install VE3 on the host as well). Any ideas or suggestions?

  • pings not beeing replied indicates the network is not set up correctly - both network interfaces need to reside within the same IP range.

    example 192.168.1.x network mask - x is a number between 1 and 254 and has to be different for each device on the network.

    if no router is within your network you can leave the gateway / router entry empty and no DNS server entries are neccessary.


    always a good idea, but not critical: have the same workgroup name for both machines and same username / password (helps for file sharing)

    hth, christian

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Amazing. Wunderbar! Thanks for replying on Easter Sunday! It now works.