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  • Opinion: Which DVD product to compliment special edition??

    Hey guys! Just bought and registered my Special Edition standard+extended. I'm looking to take advantage of the free extended libraries, so I'm going to buy another product. What do you guys think would be a good library to compliment the special edition and why? Anything you feel the special edition lacks?? I was thinking of Appasionata Strings I, Brass I, Brass II, or Special Brass.... What are your thoughts on these? I know the Brass I and Brass II libraries are much larger than Appasionata and Special Brass... (4 DVD's compared to 1)...

    What do you think?

  • Hey there, and welcome to the horribly addictive world of VSL.

    The honest but not entirely helpful answer is, "only you can know what you will need."

    For me, I did start with SE and then added Appassionata Strings (largely thanks to a special offer when it was new). Listen to the samples - if that's a sound that you need, go for it. I have used those strings a bit, but also found myself missing the larger variety of articulations that comes on the Orchestral Strings disc, like glissandi which I really could have used at one point. But Appassionata gives you more 20th century/filmic sounds like clusters and random pizz. So if you've got to pick one, you've just got to decide what's right for you (whether strings or brass or whatever).

    I'm a sucker for these special offers, so I've ordered Orchestral Strings to get the extended library free and fill in those articulations I mentioned, and I'm also going for the download offer largely to add a few articulations to some winds.

    So if I and lots of others here are any example, just pick what you're most likely to use now and rest assured you'll buy more later!

  • I added the Appassionata Strings too. Very expressive. For my needs, the SE+ extended (now with AS) is a fantastic complete library. 

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    You could also go for the Special Edition PLUS. It gives you additional articulations for all instruments you already have.

    Cheers, Martin