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  • logic just crashes

    when i installed the vienna instruments software 2.0 logic just crashes at start.... i have installed syncsoft software and plugged in steinberg syncsoft key... what to do with the library dvds ? there are just cab data on it, and no program wants it? greets David

  •  OK, you need both to read the instruction manual and watch the video tutorials.


  • in the video it says "simply install syncrosoft newest version and then the keys will be recognised..." but on my mac it only says "syncrosoft error" when i hit refresh. ideas ?(installed it again, but no changes...) greets David

  •  OK:

    1. Uninstall Syncrosoft
    2. Re-boot
    3. Install latest Syncrosoft
    4. Re-boot

    Now what happens?


  • i tried to uninstall by the given way from steinberg, cause they seem to have the problem more often with syncrosoft, i deleted all the prefs and files they suggest to. then new download, new install. and the keys are now recognised. Logic 8 will not recognise the vienna Plug in Ver2.0.0, and just crashes when try to make available in AU-Manager. but i figure that out tomorrow. thanks! David

  •  repair permissions - repair permissions - repair permissions. write to apple motivating them to get the OS X permission issues fixed.

    reboot before every install and/or update - repair permissions after doing so (this includes but is not limited to the operating system itself)

    hth, christian

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Hi, after two weeks now "informing, trying to findout what to buy, payment, figure problems out, installation problems, more installation problems, 27.3 eMails and big waiting" i nearly getting to the point of "working with the product". i wait 4 the "free extended library" for my special edition wich i should recieve from vienna directly. i installed the software and the librarys on all my studio pcs. this evening i start with looking on vids and reading to find out how it is the best way to work with the plugin.

    : permissions (i cannot understand this, i mean - i am developper of windows software, and i have nothing to do with apple regarding software development, how can something "repair any rights"? its like kinda possible that a virus or malware can "repair" the rights to its believe...hrrhrr) - yes permission errors was the problem for my not functional syncrosoft center.

    : vienna software CD - this cd is senseless to send, if the software on it iss to old. All other vendors like UAD, TC, RME etc. they ensure that you recieve an up-to date CD (they burn it and enclose it to the pakage if it left the store) else anyone has to download it anway and vienna can save a lot money by not including it.

    i have the newest macbook pro wich is available at present, do you think i should upgrde to 8gb of ram ?

    should i upgrade my mac pro 8-core from 8 to 16gb ram ?

    i normally use a respective middle class orchester setup.



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    @DavidBuballa said:

    i am developper of windows software, and i have nothing to do with apple regarding software development, how can something "repair any rights"?
    don't get me wrong, but as a windows developer you have certainly heard about POSIX permissions (on which more or less ACL is based on)

    some more details about OS X permissions though i have to admit until today it is not clear to me why OS X is twisting them so often ...


    the software CD ... well, it would be nice, but tiring to travel every 2 months around the world to replace all software CDs in every product in stock at any dealer 😉 ... main purpose of the CD is to allow immediate start even if you don't have an internet connection available ... having dozends of RME cards here i can assure you their driver CD does definately not contain the latest versions ... anyway ...


    latest macbook pro - 4 GB? good machine, but 8 GB would of course help, even with the special edition bundle ..

    but reading you also have a desktop macPro with actually 8GB RAM ... in any case: much helps much 😉


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • .. no i have not heard about it, and was never in touch with that! but its interesting to read it. ok here we go: start working with it this afternoon after musicians left the place. first i had no patches in the plug in. i checked places with directory manager. there was 1 wrong directory (i never added, i dont know where it comes from? does it self scan ?). i corrected that, then i launched the studio again. it worked perfect till the point i would add a new instrument to my existing matrix. long time no move,..then a syncrosoft error telling me that the key was not found (why the heck the plug in startet so far??) and that i should stick it into another usb-port. i done nothing and just klicked ok, then it went straight forward givin me the next instrument and no errors more for 4 next instruments. at 5th i got the same error but this time logic freezes cause a white square (just in "force task to quit" window it has been not appared) keeps standing on the screen with the coloured ball of death ;O).

    so i restarted osx computer...

    at the moment i find out really cool things using the switches and composing melodys but from time to time this syncrosoft error happens when i add new instruments (not always) and sometimes it freezes logic.

    so far it sounds great, but software is in very bad function (dont tell me, i repaired systemrights 10 times, and i never had to do this for other syncro-dongled software)

    and not blame it onto os x itself cause i use 3 Syncrosoft dongles=Korg Vintage edition, Cubase, Wavelab( here is my vienna on) and Hardlock. i NEVER had any problems using the others on their Syncrosoft Dongles!!!!!



  • Have you tried if your system turns out to be more stable after (temporarily?) transferring all your licenses (Korg, Cubase, Wavelab, Hardlock and your VSL licenses) to one single Syncrosoft key?


    This actually might solve your problem...!


    Best, Marnix

  • what should i do ? yust tell me? how can i transfer all this to one single key? i would appreciate the way.. greets David

  •  key not found indicates a problem on the USB bus ... any hub involved or other device consuming too much current?

    transferring licenses to a single key  - as marnix suggested - could free the setup from the need of using such a hub.

    directory manager does no *self-scanning* - how to transfer licenses video tutorial:

    hth, christian

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  •  Christian beat me to it.  It sounds like you have a USB Bus issue with communication to the Vienna Key.

    I  have been working for 6 months with my Vienna Key through a USB hub just fine.  Then I took advantage of the spring offer.  Bought extended licenses, bought Solo Strings 1 etc.  Blah blah.

    Load them all up and installed them (all day project).  Went to load up some Solo strings.  Crash, Boom, Smash.  Nothing worked.  Logic freezing up.  OS X infinite bubble.  Complete system lockups.  I was cussuing VSL and getting so mad.  I could open ALL patches I had prior to installing Solo Strings 1 etc.

    Long story short, I decided to unplug everything and plug the USB key right into the computer.  I never had another issue ever again.  Took me 2 days to figure that out cuz I wasn't getting any errors.  Just lockups and long load times.

    Since then I have had to re-route a few things but I don't blame VSL, they have always said they don't support the USB key through a hub.


  • in the back of the machine it works, in the front not. how stupid is this...