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  • Special edition standard+extended buyer..... some questions.

    Hi all,

    Long time visitor, first time buyer. I've always like the sound of all the vienna libraries, and now that i've finished school and have some money, i'm finally getting the opportunity to buy some..

    My plan is to buy the SE standard+extended and move out from there. However, I have some questions about what would be the the best for my setup... Currently, I have a powermac dual 2.3 G5 w/ 6GB of ram. And a new macbook pro, w/ eSata, core 2 duo, and with 4GB of ram. My initial thought was to buy the SE standard and extended and split the library between both computers. The g5 is my DAW, and I was planning on using Vienna Ensemble for my macbook pro. That way I could utilize all 10GB of RAM split between my two computers? However, from reading some more posts, I'm starting to think that I won't be able to split the library in half, and run say... strings/brass on my macbook, and the rest on my g5..

    Is this possible or not? What is the solution here? There must be a setup that will allow me to utilize all of my computing and memory resources... I am aware of the downloadable special edition packages, but I'm really not keen on downloading all the special edition standard+extended... I really like to have a large 'template' open at all times so I don't have to search and load instruments/articulations all the time, so I'd like to make use of all my RAM on both computers...

    Any thoughts to what the best buy/setup is here?



  • Hi Jordan,

    I don't think this is possible the way the installation takes place: you end up with two folders '100 SpecialEdition' and '101 SpecialEditionPLUS' on your hard drive, each folder containing some 'SpecialEdition*******.dat' files. So no way to differentiate the brass from the strings for example.
    On top of this, your licenses are hold on the Vienna Key. So the only way you'll be able to split them is by buying another key where you transfer the PLUS library. But it doesn't make sense as you'll end up with different articulations of the same instruments on different machines.

    Splitting libraries would make more sense if you start to invest in the other products and decide to use one machine for the orchestral strings and another for the woodwinds (for example).

    But to be honest, I think that you'll be able to do quite a bit using only one of your computers for the time being.

    Hope this was helpful and didn't mislead you.

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    Hello Jordan,

    you can load the Special Edition FULL Library in a little more than 4 GB of RAM (and you rarely need ALL instruments in every arrangent), so you should be fine on one computer.

    IF you want to split your sections, you should consider the Special Edition Download Collection, that comes with seperate licenses for all sections => that has a higher price tag for that reason.

    Your G5 2.3 is not the newest machine, and I guess that you will reach a limit with around 25-30 Vienna Instruments, but you can load the entire Special Edition into a little more than 4 GB of RAM.

    Another thought: If you go for the Special Edition FULL Library, you qualify for our Spring Offer....



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Awesome.

    Thanks for the help guys. If I can almost load up the entire SE FULL library in just above 4GB, sounds like I should be able to get a pretty decent template goin with the 4GB of RAM I have in my macbook pro, (which also is a much faster comp than my g5).... Sounds like Vienna Ensemable 3, and SE standard+extended are what I'm going to do.

    Also, that Spring Offer looks like a good deal. While I'm at it, I might as well do that as well. So if I understand correctly, if I buy Appasionata Strings I standard, I should be able to get the extended for free?

    Thanks for the help,

  • Sorry for all the questions..... I have just a couple more...

    I just ordered the SE full library, plus my vienna key. I am going to order the Vienna Ensemble 3 as well. Will I need to order an additional vienna key as well?

  • Hi,

    if you are running your samples on one machine only, you will only need one ViennaKey.

    If you intend to distribute your collections onto your master machine and your slave machine, you will need a second ViennaKey.

    Concerning the Spring Offer: If you purchase and register Appassionata Strings I Standard Library before April 15th, you will get the Appassionata Strings I Extended Library for free - simply let us know via the "Comment" window in your order or with a short email!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks paul, I've got the special edition on it's way, and I'll send in another order for Appassionata Strings I Standard Library in a couple days.