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  • Complete "The Rite Of Spring" performed by Jay Bacal

    I'm very happy to announce this milestone in the Virtual Orchestra domain:

    Igor Stravinsky's "The Rite Of Spring" exclusivley produced with Vienna Symphonic Library products by Jay Bacal.

    For me a dream has come true, one of the most important opus of 20th century orchestral music realised with our libraries.

    Jay, you are the man!! [Y][8-|][Y]

    thanks a lot


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    @herb said:

     For me a dream has come true, one of the most important opus of 20th century orchestral music realised with our libraries.

    Jay, you are the man!!


    i second that. greetings from the recording cube!


    cheers, michael

  • I'm having trouble hearing any of the excerpts. When I click on each link it says "Logged in as...", and thats it.

    I'm able to hear if I listen to them in the Demo Zone however.

  • I cannot open the files when I click "open". A window opens up that has a message "You are logged in as DM33".

    Is this a cruel joke? LOL!!

    Please fix so we can listen.


    I'm sure this is going to sound fantastic. 

    I started mocking up this piece about a year ago and realized that I could not commit to it unless I quit my day job! I mocked up all the bassoon + contrabassoon parts for the whole piece and stopped there because that alone took weeks because I only had a few hours a night to work on it.

    Thank you for putting in this massive amount effort and labour!

    Because I could not access the files I'm not sure if the MIDI files are included, are they?

    I would love to see how you sequenced some of these parts.

    Thanks again for this colossal undertaking! I can't wait to hear it.


  • I have the same problem as DM33 !

    I cannot open the files when I click "open".

    A window opens up that has a message

    "You are logged in as Migot".

    Eager to listen...

  •  Same here.


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    @Migot said:

    I have the same problem as DM33 !

    I cannot open the files when I click "open".

    A window opens up that has a message

    "You are logged in as Migot".

    Eager to listen...

    Same happened to me. For me the solution was to go to the German version of the page!

  •  Sorry, that was a navigation bug. It's fixed now.



  • Just listened to the Introduction and gotta say that's very real. I understand when people do this type of thing they have to A/B it with an original recording - but really - this is a magnificent achievement from Jay.

    In terms of overall orchestral realism, I think the VSL library is very strong now, with extra peripheral tools like VS available to get the sound going. Just one technical question - what reverb and placement were used in the creating of this piece?

  • Jay Bacal supported us with a kind of production protocol, where you can find some informations regarding reverb and placement,

    maybe these informations are helpful. 



  • Dear Jay, like I said before: It's incredible. Congratulations.

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Jay, congratulations on a wonderful job!  I applaud your dedication and attention to detail.



  • mmmhmmm, bit off topic now...

  • Wow! What a huge milestone! A big leap for virtual music. So many positive things to say about this grand achievement, as much for Jay as for VSL. 1000 X bravo Jay! I guess you can finally relax now, huh?

  • Hey Jay,

    Long time, no see! Times were difficult last year [;)]

    As always, you did an amazing job! 

    Your attention to all these details is an example that should be followed. [;)]

    Keep up the great work!

    Hope you get a bit of rest now! [:)]


  • This incredible demo shows three forms of genius - Stravinsky, Vienna Symphonic Library and Jay Bacal.  This is extremely exciting to hear. It is one of my favorite pieces in all of music, one that I listen to over and over again. So to hear it  realized in the new medium of Vienna Symphonic Library is fascinating.  The intro on the website is absolutely right, and it is a remarkable demonstration of the power of this great musical instrument known as VSL, when wielded by a master of the medium which Jay Bacal has become.    He has immersed himself, his entire soul, into this music, and it shows in the powerful feeling for this awesome score.  Even though I know the VSL library firsthand,  this demonstrates freshly how tremendously powerful a medium of artistic expression we have in this magnificent tool created in Austria, the home of so much great music.  Congratulations to VSL for the genius of your library, and to Jay for his great musicianship which goes far beyond most conductors now conducting this piece!

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    @Arnold Veeman said:

    some of them even get cracked VI software by WWW peer to peer

    well, it is commonly known that certain people confuse free (available) like for open source with free (without charge) like with free beer or free lunch ... but just to have that said: there is no cracked VI (like Vienna Instruments) out there, though there is cracked VI (like Virtual Instruments software from whomever) available through specific channels ...

    everybody has to decide themselves what to install at all risk of finally finding uninvited guests on the system ...


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
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    @Arnold Veeman said:

    Thank you for your great effort to put this together! It's a joy to hear, in particular the parts where most live performances lack on clarity and disbalance (also due to some spaces where the performance/recording is)

    But! Talking about Straviski... A year ago I stumbled upon a piece of software that could do this for a fraction of the VI price. One small part of Strawinski's Rite of Spring was used to showcase some of the posibilities. Here is a link: Beware, it sounds very cool...

    I downloaded the demo and although there was a little tweaking needed to enhance the sound a little (they are currently recording better sounds, but I haven't tried the new demo yet) the results were alarming 😉 "Pricewise" I mean! Approx. 1 tenth of the cost of VI with such results...

    Don't get me wrong, I a big fan of your software! It is still the best available. I spread the word on a daily basis 😉 And I'm even planning to buy VI this year (I still have the old version...), but I just wanted to point you to the price versus quality thing, I mentioned before. A pain, really... All the students I teach try, AND some of them even get cracked VI software by WWW peer to peer! For free, but at high risks of course! They all want to have it, that for sure and they know (and not only my students, but really a lot of others too, as you might figure) it is very useful, especially for learning orchestration and such. I mean isn't there a way to get student prices or get this (once again) great software cheaper on the market? It's you or them, I know, but both of you guys miss opportunities here!

    In short: Great demo! But I mean different manufacturers are turning over...

    First off - As I mentioned on another forum - Jay this is nothing short of brilliant.  WELL DONE.

    In regards to Synful -  the 'sound' (final product) is not even close to the sound quality of Jay's mock up (in terms of performance and final end produced music) - IMHO.  Don't get me wrong - I continue to watch their efforts VERY closely.

    Now, having said that - my hope is that VSl continues to explore software/sample improvements to allow us 'working stiffs' to emulate even something approaching Jay's wonderful mock-up with much less time required.

    Most of the indie films I am involved in allow for 5-7 weeks (for 60-80 mins of music) - writing, orchestration, mixing, etc....  On most projects - I have to hit 2-3 mins/day.   I find myself continually making 'compromises' only becuase there is a limited amount of time.

    With VE3 - I get a ton more donein the same amount of time - from just a few years ago - but of course I look forward to what the future holds for new VSL developments.


  • Fantastic stuff Jay!

    I can't believe it's not butter (the Brits might be the only ones that "get" this reference - needless to say it sounds remarkably like the real thing)...


  •  I can't believe it's not butter?  What are you talking about?  That is the most common margarine in America.   I regularly say at the dinner table "Pass the I Can't Believe."

    However you are  right, it is hard to believe this is actually margarine.