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  • Using VSL in multiple locations as easy as buying a 2nd key?

    I have VSL Special Edition at home. I have one Vienna Key.

    During the day I'm at my work - at an entirely different location - and I'd like to use VSL there as well.

    Do I need to buy an additional Special Edition library and Vienna Key, or can I simply buy another Key and authorize it to use the same library I'm using at home?

    I know that I can bring my key back and forth, but I'd rather avoid the risk of loss or damage if possible.

    I guess I'm asking if we're allowed multiple installations of the same bundle if we buy multiple keys.

  • Hi and welcome elambo,

    one license can only reside on 1 key at a time - you should definitely pay attention to your key when you are traveling or moving it around a lot. I havenĀ“t lost mine in the last 5 years, and I always have it with me.

    Multiple keys donĀ“t change the situation, you cannot duplicate your license, by design.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks for the welcome, Paul! And the info.

    I may need to take it with me then, even though I don't trust myself. I've lost or damaged several flash drives that travelled around in my pocket.

    I notice that you can transfer licenses between keys. I wonder how difficult it would be to transfer my licence between two different keys each time I change locations...?