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  • Where can I buy the score to John Williams Bassoon Concerto? (Or any of his concert music)

    Does anyone know where I can find/buy the score to John Williams Bassoon Concerto "The Five Sacred Trees"?

    I've only found the bassoon-piano-arrangement on the net. In fact, I've only found piano-arrangements of any of his concert music. I'm also interested in the (full) scores to his violin and flute concertos.

    Regarding the Bsn Concerto. The CD (SONY SK 62729) says that the concert is published by "Marjer Publishing".

    Any help would be appreciated.


  •  Hello , did you try ???

  • Thanks, but as far as I can tell only contains links to other sites. Searching on the sheetmusic site didn't give any results either.

    I did try with and they did have three different williams concertos: bassoon, horn and trumpet. The problems is that all of them are piano arrangements so they are really of no use for me.

    Thanks for the tip anyway.

  • The John Williams scores are all with Hal Leonard

    But this is a bassoon/piano reduction:

  • Thanks Angelo, but the piano reduction is not what I was looking for. I'm only interested in full scores.

    I suspect that this score and the other John Williams Concerto's are only availble on hire. Strange that one cannot even find where to hire them. I have a meeting with some publishing people later this week and I will see if they maybe know anything about this.

  • Send Hal Leonard an email and request the full score

    A heliography of the full size score will cost around $1000.00, or more, that's why I lend lend scores in the library at the local university of art

  • It's a new enough piece that you may only be able to rent it for performance. 

  • Albert, just found your post bu Im actually looking for the same things, scores of Williams classical music. Did you have any luck? If so can you share where I can buyt the scores? Thanks. javier

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