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  • Konzerthaus Organ User Interface

    Apparently, with Vienna Imperial, VSL altered the common Vienna Instrument interface, as there are different needs wether one plays a violin for example (lots of articulations) ore a grand.

    Are there any plans altering the interface for the Konzerthaus Organ, too? I would appreciate that very much. The sound of the Konzerthaus Organ is just marvellous, but it´s quite a hassle to make a registration...

  • The VSL interface is very limiting for an organ, but then it was presumably designed as a general-purpose orchestral instrument player rather than be too instrument-specific. As it stands, it's not too bad if you want to play something that uses fairly conventional registrations so you can set them up in advance as a custom matrix, but for anything else that either uses complex or "unconventional" registrations, or simply for improvisation, it's really not much use. One workaround that I'm experimenting with is the use of multiple instances of VI within my sequencer, all run off the same MIDI channel. Each instance has a small custom matrix that starts with an empty slot and contains stops of the same pitch. That way I can build up registrations by selecting the appropriate combination of 16', 8', 4' stops, etc. on an instance by instance basis. The next step would be to dust off my copy of MfxScript to simplify the selection of matrix cells and so I can use a midi controller device to select stops easily in the same way that I would if I were sitting at an organ console.

    All of that said, the overal sound is wonderful. Maybe the wind pressure is a little low to successfully carry off some of my favourite 20th century French organ works, but for most of the symphonic organ repertoire it should be superb. Certainly a more organist-friendly interface would be nice, but so too would be the 12 stops of the Fernwerk. And the pedal Fagott and Bassethorn stops. And the Vox Humana with tremulant because that's how it's supposed to be played (although I can see the technical difficulties there). Oh, and the Glockenspiel [;)]

  • I guess everybody who uses the Konzerthaus Organ has its own workaround on how to make registrations. Mine ist most similar to yours. But every one of those workarounds is - surprise - just a workaround. It would be a piece of cake for a programmer to make a user friendly interface, because all I long for is more more more layers (add graphics from the organ, and I´ll be crying with delight). Understandably, Vienna Instruments are not designed to layer staccato-, legato-, crescendo-, pizzicato-patches and more (plus maybe the sordino versions), so this feature would only make sense for the organ. 

    I would be willing to pay 50 bucks for such a feature, and if 100 or more users would do the same, the programming would be sufficiently rewarded.

    Add the rest of the stops, and I´ll pay 100.

    This is a petition. Please sign. :)

  • Very pleased to read that!

    Hope that Dietz will read this....!!!!!????

    Hundred percent agree with you both.

    VSL Organ must have is own interface!
    (I'm not thinking about a graphical interface like Hauptwerk)
    Just something allowing to Drag and Drop Stops into Division connected to a Midi Channel.

    have a look on that thread:

    What organists wants is only the possibilities to use VSL Organ as real!

    Or better...

    Be completly free to compose any combination of stops!



  • I´m quite confident that somebody from VSL will read this thread, even if they don´t take part at once.

    Of course the Konzerthaus Organ is not only "not too bad", but great, and one can generate any combination of stops right now, the way it is - it´s just not fast and intuitive, far away from pulling the stops on a real thing.

    VSL obviously can´t fulfill all the users wishes at once (I alone have other wishes besides the Konzerthaus Organ). I just hope there will be enough users wishing a new special interface, so that it´s lucrative for VSL to build it. 

    And I hope the guys from VSL are vain enough for wanting to have not only the best sounding organ, but the best useable, too. :)

  • I agree this would be a much appreciated update to a wonderful organ.

  • I can't beleive that there is only five VSL user interested in this thread?



  • 6, I'm in.

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    @Guy said:

    6, I'm in.

    Our little community is growing, and now we have a prominent user amongst us. 😊

    Obama started small, too...

  • Guy,

    Thanks !

  • +1

  • Um, why assume that a thread that is only three days old (or younger) has received its full potential of responses?

    Geesh, some of us have full-time day jobs AND are busy making music in our regular off-time.

    At any rate, I would be interested in a small set of specialised interfaces for organ and other special-case instruments.

    Once Garritan releases their much-delayed Virtual Organ, this may be necessary anyway, from a competitive point of view.

  • if i counted correctly, we are 8 now. 


  • to keep this thread up in the list: are we eight subscribers the only users of konzerthaus organ? are we clerical nerds? 

    we need to bring change to the interface. change we can believe in. :)

  • How many people here would like to see a full simulated organ interface like a certain other product? For me, "just" the ability to do much more layering would be enough - as has already been said, that's one of the most fundamental feature of organs. Of course I haven't a clue how big a change that would be to the VI player.

  • Angelus,


    Just a big Multi-Patch cell working in

    conjunction with the Preset cells would be -The Tool- !

    Unlimited possibility...

    That's it...

  • Agreed. But I haven't had time to fully explore what can be done with the existing interface yet, in terms of assigning my own Presets to take full advantage of all of the available stops and programming ways to transition.

  • So this isn't the thread for VSL T-shirts?

  • Guy,

    Pardon me I do not understad what you means...

    My mother language is french.


  • Hehe! I was just joking on that last post! I pretended my participation to this thread was accidental. I'm 100% behind this thread to be clear. :)