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  • using only the strings live

    hi, i have a livegig. and i only have to use the strings of my vsl(no brass, etc.). is it possible to copy ONLY THE STRING FILES onto a seperate harddrive? then i would only take this harddrive with me for that production. if yes, how do i do that. thanks for your help regards stefunk

  •  Yes you can but don't forget to bring your Syncrosoft key ! [;)]

  • thanx. but how do i know which part is the string part in the installation folders?

  • Good questio, I don't have my VSL computers in front of me. Maybe someone could help ?


    You re-install from the original DVDs to the new computer. So you're sure you have all files.

    Best regards,

  • as far as the actual sample "data" they are all in files ending in ".dat" and located within folders of the name of the instrument set you  want. So, for example, you would want to just copy the folder named "12 Violas Chamber" or "22 Violas Orchestra", etc, to your new hard disk.

    Is that what you meant?