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  • Waldstein for Orchestra (first posted music)

    The exposition from the Allegro to Beethoven's Waldstein sonata. I'm still finding my way around. Done with SE standard. Just looking for some elder wisdom and criticism. I comment on your music! So get cracking:

  •  Hi Robert.

    No elder wisdom here!  It sounds fine to me apart from the file quality and being in mono.  Can't you upload an mp3 somewhere? It would sound a lot clearer. All the best..


  • If you want to listen to a YouTube clip in stereo, add "&fmt=18" to the web link, so:

  •  Thanks for that Matteo.

    Definitely sounds better in stereo Robert.  Having said that, might I suggest widening the stereo field a bit?  The violins and some of the other instruments seem to be panned dead centre. Possibly a bit more reverb as well?

    Sounds like you've put a fair bit of work into it - a lot more than yours truly has got round to yet- too busy trying to get everything set up still!

    If you've got the cash handy I'd go for the SE Plus standard next for all the extra articulations of the instruments you've used.

    Good luck..


  • Thanks! Still getting used to the whole stereo placement craic :) And saving for the SE+ ... but thanks again for your kind comments. It was a university project. I've the whole thing orchestrated but only this much done with VSL and tweaking all the time...

  • This is a well picked and suited project. I Wonder if anyone else have Orchestrated waldstein ? If not. Then Munnally you will be the Orchestrator of Beethoven's finest Sonata. Your Score will be of extreme value to Orchestra's. And a wise choice on how to use VSL. In more ways than one. Your Orchestrated shuffle arrangements of the instruments is very appealing also. Look forwards to hear the complete Orchestration. And Send it to Mystro Barenboim when you're finished with it. Wish you Good Luck.

  • I've googled it to death, can't seem to find any current orestrations of it around - anywhere! Probably because it's so indosyncratically pianistic.

  • Nice job orchestrating this Sonata. A few comments:The opening repeated chords sounds an octave too high to my ears. I'm not crazy about the accents you put in during that passage. Interesting to see how far SE will go.

  • Thanks Guy! Accents were me experimenting with the logical editor, but i agree. also with the other stuff. Cheers, *Rob.

  • Nice work and good orchestration. Maybe a better sound with a mp3 ?

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