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  • SE Download more expensive than DVD

    I might have miscalculated badly, but it appears to me as if the download version of Special Edition is much more expensive than the DVD version.

    Right now (Jan 09) the standard edition DVD costs €345, whereas the standard edition downloads cost €195 + €95 + €95 + €75 = €460

    It would make sense if the DVD was a little more expensive because of prints and shipping.

    What is the logic behind this? I'm little concerned since I started investing in the download products (bought percussion and was gonna buy strings when this hit me).


    - Mark

  • the logic behind is more or less that the sum of parts is always more expensive than the whole .... similar for the symphonic cube, which is less in price than collections 1 - 10 purchased seperately


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.