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  • Looking for some advice before buying

    Hi there, I am completely new to this, and quite new to MIDI, recording, etc I would just like to ask some questions about VI before I decide on what exactly to buy... The modular system- If i bought the Special edition and Special edition PLUS bundle, what would I be missing from the larger collections (strings, woodwinds, chamber strings, etc etc)? - I would like to know specifically which articulations are missing if possible - Maybe it is the same articulations that are missing for each instrument? And, if I wanted to upgrade would I get lower prices on the full instrument DVDs/downloads as a result of the modular system? Memory- Will 80GB on a separate partition be ok? (same hard drive, different partition) Is 2GB RAM enough? I see most people who have decent sample libraries have 3 or 4GB Processor- Intel core 2 Duo 2GH - How many instruments with reverb and 1 or two other effects, could I have playing simultaneously before I get clicks/pauses/failure? I know that is a hard question to answer, I just need a rough idea of what I can get out of my system :) Updates etc- Will I get access to updates, specifically if you record new samples, will I get them? (Im trying to avoid buying if you are just about to release a load of new stuff!) Are there any other freebies/services/videos available after I buy that I cannot already see? Oh, and one more question - I saw recently your video about Sibelius, which I got recently - Specifically the Soundfont files that you provide... What articulations do they cover, and is it easy to tweak the settings of the soundfont? (It looks very cool) Sorry that is a lot of questions, but I need to get it right :) Thank you very much Kevin

  •  Hi kpatey,

    that is a lot of questions you ask ... but honestly some of those everybody has or should have.

    I cannot answer fully since I only use some VSL libs but the small advice that I can give you is this: If you want to decide for the one or the other package, make an excel list of articulations and compare. I did something similar with the clarinet versions in this thread:

    This is one approach. In the end you will know a lot about the packages. But which is the best for YOU? 

    So here is some conclusion I personally have been coming to: If you have ONE really beautiful legato patch and ONE really beautiful staccato patch per instrument ... and REALLY master them both including all the midi tweaking, mixing and whatnot ... that alone will already bring you way way way forward. I would dare to say with that alone you could already get a quality that is in the upper 10 or 20 percent of all sample users. But it might need some time to get there. One good idea would be to look up the homepage of Beat Kaufmann and take some lecture about mixing there.

    If you are faster, depending on your talent, the better. Because then you can improve the component that is most important, even more important than the best samples library: your musical writing.

    According to that I would get the Special edition, a convolution reverb like SIR plus a parametric EQ plugin and max that out before thinking about upgrades.

    Regarding the system specs ... today I would never start with anything less than 3 GB RAM and one hard disk that is solely dedicated to the samples (at least 7200 U/min). But I have worked in the past (with other libraries) on a 2 GB RAM laptop and a 5400 HD, and this also worked (rough estimation 12 - 15 tracks in 16 bit before crackling).

  • Thank you Hannes :) I decided to get Special Edition and Special Edition PLUS bundle standard edition, I think they will keep me busy for a while!