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  • What is the best way to start? STRINGS

    Hi, i´m new in The Vienna instruments "world".I don´t know how this software works.I would like to buy Special edicion strings, i need some extra vienna software besides the key licence?I use cubase as a host sequencer. Can someone suggest other, or a better way to start with vienna intruments or (other packs, etc) Thanks in advance Cesisco

  • Hi Cesisco.

    If strings are all you're after and you're on a fairly tight budget, SE strings are a good buy. If you want more instruments I can thoroughly recommend the Special Edition and Special Edition Plus as very good value and for having a good variety of articulations for strings and the other sections of the orchestra. It really comes down to how much you can afford- I don't think you'd be disappointed by the Special Editions.

    The only other expense would be for the Vienna Key- the Vienna Instrument software is included with the DVDs and updates are free to download.