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  • 4 months still a newbie - very basic question - articulations

     Hi Everyone, the Special has become hugely important to my music since I bought it a few months ago, but I can not for the life of me get something very simple to happen, and that leads me to ask if I am approaching it wrong.

    I've read the manuals from the CD and the hardcopy countless times, but all of the language is completely Greek to me. I would like to be able to have several articulations of, say a trumpet ensemble, and if I go up to a certain octave, I get one articulation, down a couple octaves, a different articulation. Then, in cubase, I can fine-tune my performace (I record in a home studio, not interested in live playing) by dragging a note up or down x number of octaves to get the right articulation in Cubase 4.

    I keep thinking keyswitches are supposed to do that, but no matter how I tinker in the VI GUI, nothing I do makes any kind of difference. 

    I feel very, very stupid but I can't figure this out, and I've never had a harder time with a user manual in my entire life, there are a lot of assumptions in it I guess (and I'm not a techy guy...). I'd really appreciate any help here, the sounds are amazing to me and I don't like having to open a new instance for every articulation, which is how I do it now. In one piece I have 11 instances and it takes forever to load, sputters, is messy, and...I guess you get the's ugly LOL.

    I'd really appreciate any help here.



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    Hi and welcome Shawn,

    I believe that our Video Tutorials should be very helpful [:)]

    And thereĀ“s also the Special Edition Demo #1, with both video and project files.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Paul you just taught me more in a few minutes than I've learned in months of trying, thank you very much.

    At this point, in Cubase, I can use the pitchbend and modulation as H and V, go in after the fact and draw the different articulations as required. I hope that makes sense.

    It can only get better from here (switching to a pair of unused controllers, for example, so I don't lose the 2 wheels...).

    ...thank you again, you made my day!



  • Hi Shawn

    About keyswitches and Cubase:

    Make sure that you handle the keyswitches -1 octave below of what you think you should take. [*-)]

    When you want to switch a key which is set to "C1" in VI you should set the tone (keyswitch) at "C0" in Cubase.

    There are some Tutorials on my homepage "How to use the VI". You will find some Tips and Tricks there

    and an example which shows you how to make a piece.

    This as an addition to the upper suggestions of Paul.

    All the best


    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":
  •  Thank you very much, Beat. Sorry for not responding earlier. I downloaded/printed all your VI tutes, and have learned a lot. I never thought a piece of software could become addictive or inspire such desire to create!