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  • Time required for keyswitch?

    Hi there folks.

    I'm currently working on an approach to translate different MIDI channels into keyswitches, and I'm wondering: is there a rule of thumb regarding how long it takes for keyswitches to become active? (in milliseconds, samples, or what-have-you)

    Also, what happens in the mean time, during that split second, if other note_on messages are sent?

    Can that mangle things, or is it simply a queue system, with events processed in a timely fashion?



  • Hi Julio.

    Keyswitches become active as soon as you play the next note. If you hold a sustained note for ten seconds, you can place the keyswitch at any point inside it's length. As for split seconds it's whatever comes 1st- the note or the keyswitch. As long as the KS precedes the note by a tick it will change the articulation.


  •  I've found the keyswitches to be pretty responsive - to the extent you can get the same VI instance to play 2 articulations at effectively the same time. Say note exactly on the downbeat, articulation keyswitch next "tick" new note on the next "tick" . As long as the notes aren't the same midi note they will be perceived to play at the same time.


  • Thanks Colin and Julian. This is very reassuring information! [:)]