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  • Moving solo strings library

    Hi there, I´m using solo strings and everything is working fine in my system but now I need to move the library to a Lacie hard drive.I´m a afraid of mistakes. What is the best way to move my libray? Thanks in advance and my best regards.

  • Copy -> Paste -> Delete original location - >remove from Directory Manager and add it again from new location - > reboot - > make music :-)

  •  if no vsldaemon is running (eg. you have a fresh rebootet system) you don't even need to reboot after the move


    and let me add a general comment regarding external drives since the directory manager reads paths:

    - on OS X the Volume name must not change

    - on windows the drive letter must not change

    in case this happens though (for several reasons like adding or renaming drives, changing drive lettes, ect) you need to make the directory manager familiar with the new paths again



    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.