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  • FX in Multiple VE2s


    Having just bought some more RAM, I decided to experiment by opening multiple instances of VE2. This hasn't been a problem in itself. The problem has been in assigning AU effects.

    Having loaded all my instruments into the 1st VE,  I have then assigned FX to a bus. No problem here. I  then load up a 2nd VE,  and when I put FX in a bus, the 1st VE goes crazy, issuing a wall of noise until I delete it's FX. The 2nd VE's are fine.The same happens to the 2nd VE when I assign FX to the 3rd, and the same again with 3rd and 4th.

    This occurs using any AU, be it Apple or even the Vienna Suite Analyzer. I have no shortage of RAM or processing power and as I posted yesterday, all 4 cores are being utilised. I have repeated this on 3 occassions with the same result.

    Are there any restrictions on using AUs when opening multiple VEs or am I missing something else?  I am using Plugins within Logic, not standalone.

    Any help will be appreciated.[*-)]


    Mac Pro 2.66Ghz Quad Core  11 Gb RAM  OS 10.4.11  Logic 8.0.2