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  • Posted With Permission: Professional Orchestration Package

    With the written permission of Martin Tichy, I'm posting about Alexander Publishing's Professional Orchestration Super Learning Package. These books have been endorsed by winners of the Academy, Grammy, Emmy and G.A.N.G. awards.

    This package is available with both printed books or all PDF for digital download. PM me if you want the all Digital Download Version. Either printed version or download contains:

    1. Professional Orchestration Volume 1: Solo Instruments and Instrumentation Notes

    2. Professional Orchestration Volume 2A: Orchestrating the Melody Within the String Section

    3. Professional Mentor for Volume 1 (downloadable)

    4. Professional Mentor: YouTube Videos of the complete movements or works of a majority of the orchestral examples contained in both books (downloadable)

    5. DRM-free Audio Package containing the complete movements and works of a majority of the examples quoted in each book (roughly 20 hours of music) downloadable

    6. Strings Position Workbook (downloadable)

    Also, thanks to the VSL and Jay Bacal, because of how we teach orchestration in the Professional Mentor for Volume 1, included in the download, at no charge, are 13 MIDI mock-ups and MP3 files of each solo orchestral instrument so you can learn to do MIDI mock-ups.

    There's a special bundle price for this package.

    Please click the link above which takes you directly to it.

    As a second announcement, Professional Orchestration 2B, Orchestrating the Melody Within the Woodwinds and Brass Sections will be available in mid-to-late January. Thank you, Martin and the folks at VSL for permission to post this.


    Peter Alexander