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  • Question about Jazz Drums and Vienna Suite

    Hi, First time on this site and I came across Jazz Drums. This may sound like a stupid question but if I purchase the Vienna Suite, I can download Jazz Drums for free? If so, do I need to purchase the Vienna Key as well?

  •  Hi and welcome Mr. Mustafa!


    You are indeed entitled to download the VSL Jazz Drums for free as soon as you may have purchased and registered Vienna Suite and yes, you will need a Vienna Key (or any other Syncrosoft USB Protection Device for that matter, be it a Steinberg, an Arturia etc...) to store the licenses to the software you purchased on it in order to use either the applications or the plugins!


    If you already own and use any other Syncrosoft USB Protection Device, there is no need to buy another one, though! 




  • I have a question about this.

    Can I buy Jazz Drums without buying Vienna Suite? If so, what's the price? I can't find it anywhere.


  •  Hi Felix,


    The Jazz Drums are meant to be a bonus supplement to Vienna Suite, they are not available on their own.


    So for the price of € 395,- you get a collection of eight first class plugins _and_ a great sounding Jazz drumset!


    Cheers, Marnix 

  • Thanks Marnix for the quick reply. I was looking at what VSL has to offer and from what I see, all VSL product are incredible. My second question is the VIENNA ENSEMBLE 2 a free download? Can I use the Vienna Ensemble 2 with other virtual instruments other than VSL instruments?

  • Hi Mr_Mustafa,


    Vienna Ensemble 2 is a free downloadable application for all our registered users, which means you have to have purchased and registered any of our products in order to have access to it in your User Area on our website.


    As of today, Vienna Ensemble hosts our Vienna Instruments exclusively.


    Best, Marnix