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  • What would happen if...

    I have the standard SE. On the website, I technically can buy the Strings SE+ *and* the extended versions of those strings. Would that work?

  • if i'm not wrong you have the solo strings standard library, not the special edition ....

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Actually I ordered the SE a week ago, it hasn't shipped yet. Worst time of year to order anything :D

  • Being in a very similar situation here that's what I understand:

     you can buy and download StringPLUS (I Did).

    However, Since like me, you have the Special edition DVD, you CAN'T buy the string extended alone. To unlock that possibility you need to buy and download the Standard string (which you already own twice in Special edition and partly in your solo strings) and then extend it. I guess you could buy StringPLUS Extended without it's No-plus counterpart , but I can't see the point of extending ONLY the PLUS portion of the strings.

    You may want to extend the whole Special edition DVD and avoid that overlapping fee (In my case, having Vi brass and Vi wood, I would end up overlapping with those, so it's not a better option).

    In fact, Buying the SpecialEdition DVD was a mistake for me and I can't find a way to get ExtendedString and ExtendedStringPLUS without paying for what I already have (for a third time in the case of that solo string portion) :(

    Let me Know if you find a way around my blockage. I would buys both these extended string in a heartbeat.